Your Hair Can Put a Smile on Someone’s Face, by Marla Gonzalez

13033985-largeMy name is Marla Gonzalez and I own RockinStylist Salon. I have been a hairstylist for 22 years and feel it’s a very rewarding career. What I want to talk about today is donating hair for cancer research.

There are many organizations that accept hair for cancer patients. Each organization has different requirements for their hair donations. For example, Pantene Beautiful Lengths accepts hair that is 8” in length compared to Locks of Love  requiring 10”.  If there are certain concerns you have when you donate such as who the hair goes to, if the organization is not for profit, you would be able to find all the information online. I always suggest researching who you want to donate to before you decide where to donate.

2012-10-12_13-15-09_695If you know that your goal is to grow your hair to donate it, there are certain aspects that you will want to think of. Most organizations do not accept color treated hair. Locks of Love doesn’t take hair that is bleached, but Children With Hair Loss does accept color treated hair that is in good condition.

I’ve been involved in donating hair because it makes the individual receiving the hair feel so much better. I realize it wouldn’t help their sickness; but it does help their self esteem. It gives them a brighter outlook. There’s no greater feeling than being able to put a smile on someone’s face.

If you want to donate your hair, RockinStylist Salon will cut your hair and donate it to any organization of your choice for free. If you need help in choosing what organization we will help with that as well.

RockingThank you for your interest in our article.

Marla K Gonzalez