Why Should We Honor Our Bodies? by Amber Pinkey NYSLMT

Amber PinkeyWhat if people were given the only oxygen they would ever need in a canister and made to protect it in order to breathe?  They would likely find a way to take great care so as not to suffocate.  Ironically, people rarely think of their bodies in that regard.
The body must be maintained and protected from harm in every way in order to survive.  Many people tend to accumulate bumps and bruises, emotional and physical pains, stress and scar tissue from simply living their lives, and think nothing of it becomes it seems inevitable.  As we begin to be aware of our bodies, as an awesome gift and honor them, we naturally begin to approach life with an awareness of prevention.
Western medicine typically looks at specific symptoms rather than a whole person experience.  People usually only become aware once something is present in the body, weather that is disease, pain, discomfort or general malaise.  Taking personal responsibility for spiritual, mental, and physical wellness can prevent disease, prevent injury and prevent stress, and in turn save money, time and precious life energy.
To begin new lifestyle, learning about alternatives is important and thinking positively, practicing non-jugement, drinking ample water, and breathing properly are great ways to jump start the journey of protecting the body.  Use of organic natural products and awareness of how complimentary treatments such as Acupuncture, Reiki, Naturopathy, Osteopathy, Massage Therapy, Exercise Physiology, Yoga, Meditation, Chiropractic and sourcing food are also important tools.
There is ample evidence that destiny can be manifested by taking personal responsibility for the physical and emotional body.  Educating yourself and getting to know the body inside and out through regular Massage/Body Treatments and a the Practice of Being Silent are your first crucial steps.
Tiffany Fields of the Touch Research Institute in Miami Florida is a natural health pioneer who has set out to prove the power of Massage Therapy and other related natural alternatives for disease prevention, depression, eating disorders, improved sleep patterns, improved math skills, and the wellness needs of children, adults and elderly alike. For those who wish to learn more in-depth self-care research from scholars integrating western medicine with the Eastern Whole Body Approach to healthcare visit : www.miami.edu/touch-research for a great place to start.

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