What Should People Look for When Hiring a Personal Trainer?

by Lisa Snow 

Four things are very important whenlooking for a personal trainer.   First, be sure are certified by an accredited agency, like ACE (AmericanCouncil on Exercise), NSCA (National Strength and Conditioning Association), orNASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

Second, like any professional, apersonal trainer should also have liability insurance.

Third, be sure the trainer’steaching style and personality are compatible with yours.  Some trainersare “drill sergeants” who won’t let you give into excuses for not meeting yourgoals.  Others are “cheerleaders” who will constantly encourageyou and celebrate the small victories, helping you understand that fitness is ajourney rather than a destination.  Still other trainers are “educators”who want to make sure you learn about the muscles and planes of movement,making the how and why of exercise science fun and easy to understand.

Fourth, consider where the trainerworks.  While there are certainly some outstanding trainers in big gyms,they tend to have extremely high staff turnover, so trainers tend to beyounger, lower paid, and less experienced.  If you are looking for a moreexperienced trainer, consider those who are independent/self-employed, or workat a locally owned gym, yoga studio, or personal training studio.  You might even save money, because manyindependent trainers don’t require you to purchase a gym membership.

— Lisa Snow Certified Personal Trainer & Director of Sales
EFT Personal Training LLC

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