What’s HOT in kids parties and How Does Stevie Blatz Entertainment Keep Up? By Stephen T Blatz

Stevie BlatzWhat's TrendingIf you stop and look around you as a parent, you will see  100+ themes, trends, ideas, and color schemes for your  child’s birthday party. We obviously can’t have 100  parties as kids. However, we tend to sometimes make  our own adult dreams come true and live the parties we  couldn’t have through the eyes of our kids. I am not yet a  parent, but I have done much research on children’s entertainment and themes. I specialize as a kids DJ. In  other words, my career involves me keeping up with the  latest trends. Some themes go out of style and some are  still HOT and always will be. We offer FREE advice on  any subject regarding kids parties if you are a client or  not. We never focus on the immediate dollar we can  make. We focus on the fact that you may be our client  the following year if your budget is bigger for example.

Parents, please don’t worry about your past and the parties you didn’t get to experience. We see  this way too often. Many themes that are good for kids parties can be adapted to adult parties such  as 21st birthdays, 40th, anniversary parties, reunions and more. In the winter of 2014, the movie “Frozen” went on to become one of the TOP animated movies of all time. We play the music a lot at
parties now and we also have it on karaoke. If you are planning a summer party, I would contact us  to find out the many ways we can incorporate FROZEN into the party.

partyWhat are some big entertainment services?
—–DJs (disc jockeys are becoming more and more popular for kids parties)
—–Photo booths (wearing funky props, and having photos taken and kept as a souvenir…..sweet)
—–Candy Buffets (imagine a huge table with stylish looking candies)

What is NOT hot, but can still be FUN?
—–Clowns (depending on the skills, and look of the character, these parties are still a hit)
—–Sand Art (arts and crafts are not that popular, but make a great gift to take home)
—–Puppet shows (these goofy guys and gals can bring joy to the hearts of kids with puppets)
Give them a chance……..

Obviously I can’t go into detail on everything I write about, but can always give advice  over the phone (484-560-1293), email (djstevie47@yahoo.com), and facebook. You can also visit  www.stevieblatz.com.

We constantly check many websites, learn from other DJ companies, watch Disney  and Nickelodeon and browse party supply stores for inspiration and supplies.  Trust us, we have this down to a science on how to keep up with the trends.