This Powder is Causing Cancer in 10,000 Women

Today, the baby powder can be found in every second house, even in those houses without babies. The women are using it for softening their skin and younger looking.

If you use baby powder, it is better to stop it immediately.1

Baby powder, especially the one made from Johnson and Johnson is bolstering women’s risk of ovarian cancer by 33%.

Dr. Daniel Cramer, epidemiologist, claims that approximately 10.000 women are expanding ovarian cancer with using baby powder every day.

The shocking facts

Studies since 1982 proved that there is a link between baby powder and ovarian cancer in women. According to the results, the women that used the talc based powders are 300 times more possible to be diagnosed with cancer.

The Johnson and Johnson company was enforced to reveal the truth behind this statements and results.

Read and Follow the Labels

Take the bottle of baby powder and take a look at the label. Read the warnings.

You will read that there is a warning to avoid eye contact and inhalation too. But the talc particles aren’t even mentioned. They have ability to stick on the skin for years and to travel to your ovaries.

They also say nothing about the talc’s ability to cause inflammation, which is a perfect habitat for cancer cells.

Yet, the corporation acknowledged the study in 1982, its results and dangers of the baby powder. So they decided that their customers don’t need to be warned about the negative side effects from their baby powder products.

That’s not All

The most awful thing you can do to your baby is using this baby powder on it. The parents were warned by the American Academy of Pediatrics about using these powder products, especially the talc based. The talc can become airborne very easily and it can be breathed in from your baby, which leads to dried mucus membranes.

The baby’s breathing will be effected and it will lead to wheezing. Some children cases with pneumonia could be linked with using a baby powder. But the parents will never notice that on the label.

Why Hide The Facts?

They are hiding these facts because of the money. You could never buy a product if you know it can cause cancer.

The company was obligated by many trials to change their warning label. They should have one sticker on the side that will say “Risk of Cancer”, maybe then they will finally pull out their products from the store shelves.

Safe Alternatives

Use petroleum jelly as a substitute for baby powder. It will assist in healing sore bottom. For you the perfect substitution will be corn starched based baby powder which will soften your skin.


This article originally appeared in Healthy Living House