The Importance of Giving Honor to a Loved One [Valentine’s Day Special], by Jillian Stone

Happy Valentines Day 3

Jillian StoneWe all have a special person or many special people in our lives.  Perhaps it is your parents, who clearly sacrificed themselves for your comfort.  Perhaps it is a friend who is always available when you need someone to talk to or who brings you chicken soup when you’re sick. Perhaps it is a pastor who helped you through a difficult time in your life.  Or maybe it is a sibling who brought you joy and made you laugh as you grew up together.  Or it might be your spouse. As a woman who lost her spouse to cancer nearly 7 years ago now, I can say this with a heart filled with beautiful memories…treasure your spouse. Treasure each other with all your heart. Make a decision today to tell your spouse, or any of your special people, how much they are loved by you and how they have made you a better person just by being in your life.  Remember, once they’re gone, that opportunity will be gone.

What’s Important in Life?

Sometimes, as we go through life trying to get through what each new day brings, we lose perspective that one day all of life, as we know it, will change. It’s so easy to forget about what is truly important in our lives.  It’s not the material things we own, it’s not the hobbies that we enjoy and it’s not the vacations we take that make our lives satisfying.  It’s who we have in our lives and the richness they add to our lives.  What makes our lives rewarding is something no one can take from us…our memories of a life filled with love. Sometimes we wait until those we love are gone and then we honor them; wouldn’t it be a great idea to honor them while they are still with you? 

As human beings, we sometimes take the special people in our lives for granted. We may tell them they’re special on their birthday, for mother’s day or father’s day or during pastor appreciation month.  But everyone does that!  Why not tell them throughout the year? When we experience praise or loving words throughout the year, it fuels us. It energizes us! It gives us hope and strength to go on. When we are encouraged, it builds up our confidence and gives us the inner resources to conquer whatever we will face each day. These special people who build us up each day with words of encouragement are like warmth to our bones and they are a blessing to us.  Even if you are a single person, you have plenty of opportunity to bless someone and be blessed in return. Sometimes it starts with us, but I can tell you that when you start the process…love blooms! I’m not talking about romantic love (although that is certainly an option) but rather, the love from one human being to another….agape love or self-sacrificing love.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here is a list of some awesome ways you can bless someone important in your life whether it be a spouse, your parents, a friend or someone you don’t even know.

Ways to Bless Your Spouse

1. If she is on her feet all day, give her 15-minute foot rub each night after work

2. If he takes his lunch, put a little love note in his lunch each day

3. Clean the cat litter box for your wife (especially if you hate cats!)

4. Prepare His favorite food each weekend (the more time-consuming the better)

5. Write a love letter for his birthday each year

6. Tell her you love her every night before you go to sleep (never go to sleep angry with each other)

7. Meet him at the door every night telling him you’re glad he’s home

8. When you’re with your friends, always speak lovingly about your spouse

9. Take an interest in his football games and go to every Super Bowl party with him

10. Prepare breakfast for her every Saturday


♥ Love is kind, self-sacrificing, and loyal and keeps no records of wrongs done against me.

Ways to Bless Elderly Parents

1. Specifically tell them all the ways you appreciate what they’ve sacrificed for you

2. Send them a birthday card on your birthday thanking them for giving you birth and taking care of you

3. Clean the house for them at least once a month

4. Prepare dinner for them every Sunday

5. Ask them what would bring them comfort and get it for them, if possible.

6. Create a video of their lives together with the music they fell in love to as an anniversary gift

7. Go grocery shopping for them

8. Create a charm bracelet for your mother representing her life

9. Plan a surprise party for your father on his 75th birthday and do a “This is Your life” presentation

10. Go to a doctor’s appointment with them


♥ Love does not dishonor others but rejoices with each other’s victories.

Ways to Bless Friends

1. Bring them chicken soup when they are sick

2. Remember their special occasions with a card or dinner

3. Be with them during difficult times to give them an opportunity to talk

4. Host a special monthly brunch for your girlfriends

5. Offer to babysit so they can have a night out

6. Pay a bill for a friend who lost his/her job

7. Offer to walk the dog while they’re sick or down with a broken leg

8. Write down all the ways you treasure their friendship and present it to them in a card

9. Create a wall calendar for them with pictures of the two of you or with pictures of their family

10. Let them know they can completely be themselves around you

♥ Love protects and builds each other up

People You Don’t Know

Refer to my article Did You Know You Were Created for a Purpose?

What do all these have in common?  They are actions not just words.  They may be actions that take you out of your comfort zone…all the better!  These will be the special moments that he/she will remember and how they will remember you. What will you do today to honor someone in your life?