Eyes of Alzheimer’s, by William Cohea

The eyes of Alzeihmers



It is human nature to make eye contact.

We learn early on as an infant to gaze into the eyes of our parents for love, guidance and support.
There comes a time for some, and that time comes way too early,

when we gaze into our parents eyes for that recognition of love, support and guidance,  and the returning gaze is one of confusion.

 That returning look is one we do not recognize.

We realize

that we will no longer be able to see the reflection of love in those eyes ever again.

This is the last of a series of a blog post about my wife’s family and the challenges and pain

that they faced with their father, John, and his Alzheimer’s and it’s effects on the family at the end.

 The complete series from his last day at home before going into an Alzheimer’s unit


how the family dealt with his death


the pain of selling the family home of 53 years.

John’s last day at home before going into a Alzheimer’s unit.  http://wp.me/p3bq7v-50

John was in the Alzheimer’s unit just one week short of one year before he died of pneumonia. This is his service.  http://wp.me/p3bq7v-il

Mom moving out of the family home into her new home: Part 1. http://wp.me/p3bq7v-ll

The last Thanksgiving in the family home. http://wp.me/p3bq7v-m5

The final clean up of the house. http://wp.me/p3bq7v-mw

Why did I do this documentary about a deeply painful and personal family life event?

First off,

My mother-in-law wanted me to photograph my way of seeing the family life.

Thank you mom for your ongoing support of my photography.


for myself.

We walked into this event not knowing the full ramifications of what we would be dealing with.
Pain, and the confusion of emotions were all very raw and on the surface.

I feel that this body of work could help other individuals understand what they might deal with when their family member receives the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s.

A special thank you goes to my wife, Sarah.

She had to relive all of the emotions again when she helped me in the editing of all the blog posts.

Life is filled with stories.

 I enjoy the art of visual story telling. For me, it’s all about getting closer to the story that lies beneath the surface; the emotion that is the human being.

I am currently taking on assignments locally and nationally.

I specialize in  location-based portraiture for editorial clients.

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