The Art of Letting Go by Teresa J. Williams ©

Teresa WilliamsThere is something profoundly important about learning how to let go, it is having the ability to surrender and dispose of unhealthy events, memories, habits, ideas, possessions and behaviors. For some of us, as we begin to grow older we realize what is important in our lives and what we must let go of. Unfortunately, for some this process can be a painful and difficult task, even though, they may be saying good-bye to those very habits, behaviors or people that have created their pain or situations, it is where they have found themselves to be the most comfortable. It is the infamous “comfort zone” that so often is the culprit in aiding our fears and apprehension toward change, this is the very exact reason why it is important to “get comfortable being uncomfortable”. Step outside the box and what you have known, obviously what you have been practicing thus far hasn’t been working; so – what do you have to lose? The moment you make the conscious decision of letting go, there should be no hesitation – make the decision and immediately take the leap, and don’t allow your inner critic or other’s to convince you differently. Life is way too short and there is so much to be accomplished, if we hold on to certain events or relationships we are allowing ourselves to remain stagnant in life, we walk around dead-dead in our hearts and souls. We are meant to grow and evolve as all in existence, this change is intended for a reason, so once you are able to let go of past hurts you will realize you’ve made the best decision in your life. The sense of emotional and mental freedom that comes over and empowers you is amazingly beautiful.

When we have the ability and capacity to live free we release ourselves from worry, fear and expectation, we relinquish the idea of perfectionism and begin to dwell within the comforts of peace and contentment. Anxiety stems from dwelling in the memories of the past, fear is a result of worrying about tomorrow, and the expectation of perfectionism is derived by what we think others expect of us, therefore living according to our needs and desires in the day or moment is the quintessential state of being for the true self. This way of thought to some may seem selfish or egotistical however it is the exact opposite, when we can love ourselves, except our faults and flaws and live according to our dreams and desires we become the best we can be not only for ourselves but for our family, friends and even our professional careers.

Teresa J. Williams Transformation Coach