Testimonials from Our Clients and Readers

Your publication is professional, well done and contributes to the good of the entire Lehigh Valley community. I support woman’s causes wholeheartedly and will put your link in today.

–Brian Lucas


I took the survey and really liked the LVWJ website! Nice and organized. I liked your article “No Shortage of Heroes”. I am a Vet myself. I was a Navy Pilot for 8 years. Thank you for sharing some great stories!

–Bob Chapleski
U.S. Naval Academy 1983 


The new journal looks fantastic – you must be very proud.

–Shannon Cutts
Reader of the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal


“The page about neuroplasticity and the page abut Soften and Flow is very interesting. Soften and Flow helps me calm down and get the energy going so I feel warm and my frozeness disappears”

–Anette Dalehaug
Reader of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal


“Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal helps me reach my target audience in a polished, professional way.  It allows me to put out content that’s actually useful to my potential clients, instead of just running ads that would be ignored.  Andrea has a deep knowledge of the NY/NJ/PA small business community and can help you develop a strategy that’s right for your company. ”

–Lisa Snow,
Certified Personal Trainer & Director of Sales
EFT Personal Training LLC
3 Prospect St., Apt. 2F,
New Rochelle, NY, 10805
eftpersonaltrainer@gmail.com | 914-740-7232

 “May the force of the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal spread through the Lehigh Valley”

970 Hillcrest Drive South
Macungie, Pa. 18062

“Sometimes a letter to the editor is “proof” that an article has impact.

But for us, a better way is when we get a phone call or email. This is exactly what happened after Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal published a piece about the Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley. A woman wrote our program director and asked for help for a severely depressed family member with kidney cancer. She quoted directly from the article in her plea for help. These actions say that the magazine has both reach and persuasiveness.”

–Elizabeth Scofield
Interim Director
Cancer Support Community (formerly The Wellness Community)
3400 Bath Pike
Bethlehem, PA

“As the owner of Positive Life Decisions and a life, career and retirement coach, I have written for Andrea and her publication, Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal.  Andrea is always kind and pleasant to work with.  She started the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and kept it going while dealing with challenges in her own life.  Her extensive journalism background qualifies her to be heading this excellent and worthwhile publication.  I encourage all women in the Lehigh Valley area to support and subscribe to the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal.” 

–Connie Challingsworth
Owner, Positive Life Decisions, LLC
4755 W. Tilghman St.
PMB# 186
Allentown, PA 18104

“Andrea is upbeat and easy to work with.  She constantly strives to improve her publication, and is committed to create a quality product.”

–Frank Mitman
Co-owner at Digital Photographic Imaging
1321 N. 18th St.
Allentown, PA 18104

“Great info for all women and young girls”

Tonya M. Rupell
Reader of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal

“Your journal is also good for men, keeping us up on lots of interesting things we don’t catch in the Sports section of our usual newspapers.  Thanks!”

Louis Oshman
Reader of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal

“Many new customers have come to Americus Pharmacy, some from 20miles away, as a result of my advertising in the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal. It has been more successful for me than any other form of advertising and I am renewing for another 6 months.”

–Bob Warner,
Owner, Americus Pharmacy
723 North 19th Street
Allentown, PA 18104
‎(610) 437-4874

“I think everyone in the Valley saw the cover story written about me in the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal. I received a great deal of positive feedback. As a result of my involvement with the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal, I have obtained much new business and met many wonderful business women from all over the Lehigh Valley.”

–Beth Bayer
Landmark Mechanical Service Company
Douglass Township
Boyertown, Pa 19512

“The greatest reward to me as a contributor to the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal has been the ability to communicate to the public key items and information that can help individuals make really healthy changes in their every day lives and relationships. Also, I have received numerous calls to my counseling practice from people who sought me out after reading an article I wrote. Thanks Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal for coming into our area as a positive professional resource.”

–Brenda Barton,
Owner & Psychotherapist Barton Counseling
610-366-8116 ext 11

“My article about healthy relationships and keeping chemistry alive seemed to resonate with many women, based on the number of emails and phone calls I received expressing interest in the relationship coaching programs I offer, and in my singles and women-only groups. Many women are inspired and motivated toward self discovery and self-love, and in attracting the right person who wants to be with them in a healthy way, and in keeping the chemistry and connection alive in their existing relationship. Those women tend to be pro-active and they are reading the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal. What a win for all of us!”

–Annette Carpien
Certified Master Relationship Coach for Singles and Couples,
Great Relationships Coaching


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