Smokey the Cat


This little kitten was found by a 6 year old girl hiding under a car in a torrential downpour.  The girl’s family took her in only to discover that she had a broken leg.  The family was destitute financially and could not afford even an initial vet visit.  They contacted No Kill Lehigh Valley.  We arranged for them to be seen by one of our participating vets who confirmed that the leg was badly broken.  The kitten was referred to the specialists at Valley Central who greatly discounted the surgery – and provided that cool cast cover.  No Kill Lehigh Valley paid for the $1700.00 surgery and the family adopted this little one as their own.

 So many animals would have been left to suffer and die if it wasn’t for No Kill Lehigh Valley.

No Kill Lehigh Valley

No Kill Lehigh Valley is a non- profit animal welfare group that fills a very special niche in our community. We provide financial assistance for veterinary care and spay/neuter surgeries.  Our goal is to keep companion animals in their homes whenever possible by providing this financial help and other support through our e mail group (, website (, and Facebook.

No Kill Lehigh Valley was founded in 2007 as the result of a growing concern about the high rate of killing at the Lehigh Co. Humane Society.  We believe that no animal should have to die just because it’s homeless.   We support efforts to reduce the  companion animal population through humane measures and to provide people  with the support they need to keep and care for their animals.

Low cost spay/ neuter services are an essential part of this equation.  We support the local low cost clinics and supplement their fees when people are unable to afford them.  Since January of this year we have expended over $13,000.00 for spay/neuter surgeries.  In addition to paying for companion cats to be spayed/neutered, we pay for the surgeries on feral cats through trap/neuter/return programs.  We also believe that companion animals should not have to suffer just because their human companions cannot pay for veterinary care.  So far this year we have provided  over $36,000.00 in veterinary costs.  We have financed  care ranging from kittens with infected eyes to dogs with broken bones who require expensive surgery by a board certified surgeon.

Our services are desperately needed in these difficult economic times.  People who love their animals suffer terribly when they cannot afford to care for them so, while our main goal is to help the animals, we are helping people too.   While our work is primarily fund raising, we also are involved in making municipal officials and politicians aware of the importance of companion animals and the needs of those who care for them.

Remember, the most important thing you can do if you care about animals is to make sure your cat(s) and/ or dog(s) are spayed and neutered.

Low Cost Spay Neuter Clinics :

Peaceable Kingdom   610-432-2532 (Allentown)

No Nonsense Neutering  866-820-2510   (Allentown)

Eastern Pa. Animal Alliance   570-994-5846  (Broadheadsville)

If you would like to support our work, you can do so in many ways.  Become a part of our e mail group so that you will be informed about our activities and local animal related issues.  Just send an e mail to and we’ll add you to the list.   Suggest/hold  a fund raiser – we’re open to all ideas.  Or, just donate by sending a check to NKLV PO Box 4272 Bethlehem, Pa. 18018 or by Paypal.  All donations are tax deductible and all funds stay right here in our communities to help the animals and the people who love them.