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Mother’s Day | When Getting Through Any Special Day is Difficult, by Jillian Stone

Mother’s Day.  A cherished day for most people as well it should be. Having a special day set aside for celebrating motherhood is something most every mother looks forward to.  To have that special day of recognition for a job well done throughout the year gives mothers the encouragement to get through another year. Breakfast in bed Special dinners in her honor Gifts Memories of days gone by It’s a time when the card stores’ profits peak and the aroma in the flower shops provide a soothing scent as you walk in the door.  Restaurants get to fill their rooms to capacity and jewelry stores get to showcase their best sparkling gems. All these special helps are available to provide Mom with a beautiful day of relaxation and pampering. But what if you happen to be one … [How to get through difficult holidays]


Jillian Stone headshot resizedIs Grace Possible in Business? by Jillian Stone

Is it possible to find grace in business world? Is it possible to be a woman who offers grace in the business world? It is possible to receive grace in the business world? Do you continually find yourself in situations where you are judged for errors or mistakes? Ask yourself, is it you that continually makes many mistakes or is that many people have little tolerance for mistakes?  In other words, is it you or is it them? If it is you, then of course it’s important to get a handle on why you make a lot of mistakes in your work.  Do you take on too much?  Is your environment one where it’s difficult to focus? Are you doing tasks that aren’t in your skill set? Think about this. In relation to the plethora of tasks you do in a day do your mistakes outweigh the … [Read more]


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Did You Know You Were Created for a Purpose? by Jillian Stone

Do you know you are meant to have a meaningful life and to bring meaning to the lives of others? Every word you say and every action you take has meaning to either yourself or someone else. With every heartbeat, you have another moment to accomplish something special in the world, in the life of someone you meet, in the life of someone who is close to you, or in your own life. When you view your life this way, you will begin to live your life intentionally and with meaning. Living your life intentionally doesn’t mean you set goals for your life; though that can be part of it. A goal is something that may or may not be achieved because there may be variables involved in reaching the goal.  For example, you may decide you want to run a successful business and reach a certain revenue goal … [read more]


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Leaving a Legacy [Even if You’re Not Famous], by Jillian Stone

It’s easy to leave a legacy when you’re famous.  Good or bad, when you’re famous it’s evitable that you’ll leave some sort of mark within your area of influence. But whether you’re famous or not, your life has touched other people’s lives in some way. No matter who you are or where you’ve been placed in society, in one way or another you have made and will continue to make an impression on someone. Your life matters! Sometimes the most seemingly insignificant act of kindness can deeply touch someone’s heart. The people who impacted me the most are those who left their comfort zone and actually invested time with me. For example, the people who sat with me after my husband died and were available just to listen.  They didn’t necessarily have to provide any words of comfort; … [Read more ]




by Sheryl A. Hawk

I was born and raised on the south side of Allentown by two hard working, over protective parents. My first challenge in life was growing up feeling alone, no brothers or sisters to create chaos, nobody to share your deepest secrets, nobody to share clothing with and nobody to share your dreams.  Friendships were a challenge due to the fact I would become protective and not want to share with other friends.  I was always afraid of being left out!  First kiss, first love, who to share with?  Boys using girls, girls using boys!  What to do!  Who to confide in?  So many questions for a young innocent mind. I  Met a boy and thought, ” he is the only one who will ever love you,”  so I settled, without even knowing other opportunities. Or maybe it was running away from over protective … Read more about the many lessons dealing with adversity




by Andrea Hartley

Are we living in a time when people feel justified in eliminating integrity from their dealings with others?  We’ve all heard people who complain that their employer doesn’t pay them enough or that they feel mistreated by their employer in some way.  They may used this excuse to steal goods, services or time from their employer.  What about the husband/wife who says they just don’t love their spouse any more and so they have affairs.  Consider businesses who display misleading ads or  withhold truth from their customers or cheat them in some way. Are … [Read More…]


Monsignor Mike and Mother Teresa

Living the Faith

(This article orginally appeared in Jersey Man Magazine)
by Andrea Hartley

It was at the airport in Rome, 1970 where the young seminarian waited for the arrival of the plane which would bring a nun from Calcutta. The nun, who would later become known worldwide as “Mother Teresa” usually traveled by bus, but now had a broken rib and so required a car. She was coming to see the sisters who had opened a home to serve the poor. The small woman he saw moved at a fast pace. She expressed no visible fatigue and made it quite clear that she was on a mission. Her enthusiasm was contagious and he felt a desire to help her with whatever that mission would be. As he drove the physically frail, spiritual powerhouse back to the convent, his mind flashed back to a time where he sat in an old blue Studebaker, at the age of seven, waiting for his mom. His Dad at the wheel, almost every Friday night they would go to a nearby family’s apartment. Mom would get out of the car and knock on their door. She would go inside for just a few minutes and return to the car. The boy wondered about this Friday night ritual and at the age of 10, he asked his mother about it. She replied, “It is our responsibility to help others in need and we are giving this family money.”  Read more


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