Spiritual Growth

ShaunMAKING DREAMS COME TRUE, by Shaun Stephenson

As we look throughout the world at great achievers such as Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Walt Disney, we see people who have expanded their visions of what is possible to unforeseen levels. Many would say they just got lucky. But did they?  The reality is this: the simple skill of dreaming big, of believing in that which is bigger than one’s self, can guide one to a life of pure magnificence!

You see, flukes aside, no one in this world has ever created or accomplished anything without first seeing it in their mind. Therefore, it is fair to say that the greatest achievers in human history have been those with the biggest and boldest dreams. What would life be like today without visionaries such as the Wright Brothers, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Thomas Edison and Walt Disney!? Making Dreams Come True