Care2 polar bearCare2: Change Dirty Energy As We Know It!‏

Fossil fuel burning power plants are among the largest sources of carbon pollution in the world. Polar bears are on the edge of extinction as a result of this pollution. It’s irresponsible for us not to act! The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed a landmark standard for climate pollution from new power plants. This standard will help end dirty energy as we know it today and could help us save the last remaining polar bears.  We know coal industry leaders and their friends in Congress will attack this clean-energy standard. That’s why we need our voices to be even louder than Big Coal’s.  The EPA’s proposed clean air standards limiting dangerous carbon pollution from coal and gas-fired power plants will protect public health, fight climate change, save polar bears, and help our economy by sparking innovation in clean energy technologies. It’s a win-win-win strategy! [Sign the petition]


Sierra Club thumbnailNJ Sierra Club: Join us for Lame Duck Lobby Day, December 19th!

This Lame Duck Session will have a huge impact on New Jersey’s environment and we need your help!  OnDecember 19th join us at the State House in Trenton to personally ask Legislators to take action on 5 issues that will have long term environmental impacts for our state.

  • The Proposed South Jersey Gas Pipeline through the Pinelands:  The Pinelands Commission is considering a proposal to allow a BRAND NEW gas pipeline through the region to allow the polluting BL England power plant to run full time and continue polluting the Great Egg Harbor Bay
  • GMO Labeling bill:  This bill would require products containing Genetically Modified Organisms to have a label disclosing its contents to consumers
  • Fracking Waste bill:  This bill would ban the treatment and disposal of toxic fracking waste in New Jersey.  Passed with bipartisan support, the bill was vetoed by Governor Christie and we will continue to push for the override to get these protections for our drinking water and communities in place… [Read more about Lame Duck Lobby Day 2014]


Fox 29 ad


WTXF Speaks to Business Owners and Residents Who Have Recovered From Sandy

WHAT: FOX 29 hits the road this summer for this special series which will tell the stories of business owners and residents who have fought hard to rebuild their lives, homes and businesses, after the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. Every Friday this summer, during “Good Day Philadelphia” WTXF will visit various towns along the Jersey shore to interview residents about their stories of resiliency. Read more about The Comeback


Tina and MomLosing Two Lives to Lung Cancer: My Parent’s Story, by Tina Ercole

At the end of March this year, my mother didn’t answer her phone the whole day.  When the neighbors went to check on her, they found her on the floor, very weak and confused. After 3 different hospital stays over a 3 week period, the doctors finally diagnosed her on a Thursday with very advanced stage of lung cancer, along with other major issues including cancer in 8 other locations in her body.  She passed away on that Sunday. [Read the story of Tina’s Parents]