holiday photo cover with entire staffAre you Tapping into the Hidden Job Market?

What on earth is the “Hidden Job Market?!” Simply put, it is all the jobs “out there” that are not currently being advertised. There are ALWAYS jobs that are not yet advertised for many reasons. Perhaps a manager is waiting budget approval, or a department is expanding but the manager is not 100% sure what to look for just yet, or maybe the company is using a recruiter to find people through their databases and networking, or maybe, maybe, maybe…Aside from all of these theories, the research “out there” does show that 75% of jobs occur through the hidden job market. So, what does this mean for you? It means that 75% of your job search time should be spent tapping into this area… [Are you Tapping into the Hidden Job Market?]


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What is Mobile Marketing?

With over 286 million wireless lines in the U.S, alone, the potential for mobile marketing success has never been greater. Some reports speculate that 100% of Americans will have a wireless device by 2013. One aspect of Mobile Marketing is SMS (short message service). SMS is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to reach the ever growing base of potential customers that receive communication on their mobile devices.  What is SMS? Most of us are familiar with SMS but know it by its more common name, “texting”. SMS is a method of sending a short text message from one wireless device to another, or from a computer to one or more mobile devices. SMS is most widely used for personal communications. But in recent years SMS has become a way for businesses to communicate with …[Read more about SMS marketing]


Deborah Smith

Fire, Ready, Aim, by Deborah Smith

I love the expression “Fire – Ready, Aim.” I first heard it during an online interview with one of my new favorite authors, Brian Johnson. (Highly recommend his book, “A Philosopher’s Notes”) and it really struck a chord. Quite a few entrepreneurs can probably relate to this idea of starting something only to go back and hone it, tweak it, and crystallize its focus. For some, this approach might be a bit uncomfortable, but for me it’s the only way I operate, and I’m here to tell you, the results can far exceed your expectations.

Owning my own businesses for the past 15 years has taught me quite a bit about myself and what it takes to be an entrepreneur. One of the qualities that is required and can be acquired, is being an action taker. Are you that person who talks about that great idea for years but never does anything about it? There is a cure for this. You have a choice. Are you ready to be an action taker or continue to be an excuse maker?Fire, Ready, Aim


Alfonso Todd

Informatio​nal Event Proposal for Businesses​, Organizati​ons, and Groups in the Lehigh Valley and Beyond‏‏‏‎

Informational Proposal for Businesses, Organizations, and Groups Prepared by: Alfonso Todd ALFONSO TODD AND ASSOCIATES / PROLIFICK MEDIA is proposing the following strategic promotional projects and platforms for Businesses, Organizations, and Groups in the Lehigh Valley and beyond, in order to create increased community awareness. EVENT PROMOTIONS / MARKETING EVENT SPONSORSHIP or VENDORSHIP available: PIPELINE SEMINAR. A seminar created to inform and benefit the Lehigh Valley community when it comes to the new projects occurring and entrepreneurial opportunities that are arising. We are offering “swag bags” to all of our attending guests and for $20.00, you can include your promotional item. We will need 55 … Proposal


TPLP headshotIf Networking Isn’t Working For You – You’re Doing It Wrong

by Sara Rosenberg

Networking, if done right, really works. Really.

Sometimes, in the course of my matching up professionals to network with one another over lunch or coffee (which is how I spend a large part of my day, and nights too), I will get an email that says something to the effect of, “I’m not getting anything out of this whole networking thing. It isn’t working for me.”

And that’s fine. Sometimes it’s scheduling issues. Other times it’s a matter of commitment (or lack thereof). And sometimes it’s just a fundamental lack of understanding about what business networking is. How do you know when networking IS working for you?


Carol Cannon  head shotDesign Your Life with Feng Shui, by Carol Cannon

Feng Shui is an ancient tool discovered in China thousands of years ago.  Early advocates of it realized that when they faced certain directions or had water in certain locations in their environment, that life seemed to flow with more ease.  Over time, more ‘coincidences’ were noted, based on the direction one faced, the shapes of buildings, and views, landscape, etc.  It evolved into an art and science, with results now similar to those being discovered in the world of quantum physics. Today, Feng Shui is used all over the world.  Buildings are designed with Feng Shui … Read more