lisa-snow-2Have a Home Gym Cheaply and with Little Space, Part 2, by Lisa Snow

In Part 1 of this article, you learned about home exercise equipment for general fitness.  In this part, you’ll learn about home exercise equipment for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities.  The average person often finds choosing home fitness equipment challenging.  For someone with disabilities, it can be even more frustrating.  Luckily, plenty of pieces of “accessible” equipment are actually quite affordable.  Now in the age of online shopping, anything you want can be delivered to your door, so there’s no need to worry about having to haul things home from a store. This article focuses on home fitness equipment for wheelchair users.  However, all the same items are also excellent for older adults who need to do part or all of their workout seated.  While wheelchair users may be a small percentage of the population, they are among the most motivated and determined exercisers. … [Read more about having a home gym with little money and little space]



Back to School…Packing a Healthy School Lunch! Roe Melnicove, NMD

School days are just about here again, and I can’t help but wonder if we are putting as much thought into what we will pack for our children’s lunches as we did when we selected the lunchbox itself. If you were like me, we visited several stores before selecting just the right lunchbox; it needed to be a certain color, shape and size. I was amazed at how much time was spent selecting such a simple item!

Your child’s school lunches are a major source of the essential vitamins and minerals they will need to grow and develop over the years. Did you know that, according to recent research, healthy lunches are an essential tool in a student’s ability to learn effectively? In fact, studies show that kids who eat a healthy breakfast, as well as a healthy lunch, have better cognitive function, improved performance in the classroom, more energy, and fewer absences from school. Without enough energy from food, children will feel tired and find it difficult to concentrate in class. Foods high in sugars and additives are the main culprits here; they are way too over-stimulating for our children’s brains and bodies. These are some mighty powerful findings; so let me give you just a few tips to follow when packing those lunches. Packing a Healthy School Lunch



Getting in Shape…with Takeout Food? by Lisa Snow

Much ink is spilled by today’s nutritionists and diet gurus debating “the best” diet.  Is it vegan or Paleo?  (Actually, both those diets are great.)  Should people eat local or certified organic?  (Why not do some of each?)  Should we eat low carb or high carb?  (It depends on your goals.  Are you trying to lose a lot of weight?  Or already slim and training for a marathon?  Or recovering from an injury?) Instead of debating fine points, we as an industry should be focusing on giving people practical tips for health and wellness.  Books and articles supposedly geared toward … [What are these healthy restaurants?]