Run Free! Run Wild! by William Cohea

Run free run wild

Lighter than air!

Faster than wind!

The power of your legs to propel you forward at breakneck speeds!

Run free run wild 2

A very positive feeling!

Run free run wild 3

finding confidence at a very young age is priceless!

Run free run wild 4

Run free run wild 5

Run free run wild 6

How did I get the shots?

Well, with children, you think small, very small!
I don’t recommend this for the amateur photographer unless you’re quick on your feet.

I was on my stomach in the middle of the course shooting with a 24 mm at f-stop 16.

So not to get trampled by a herd of excited young runners
I had to keep one eye in the viewfinder and one eye on the approaching mayhem.

Life is filled with stories.

  I enjoy the art of visual story telling. For me, it’s all about getting closer to the story that lies beneath the surface; the emotion that is the human being.

I am currently taking on assignments locally and nationally.

I specialize in  location-based portraiture for editorial clients.

William Cohea photographyRun Free! Run Wild!