How Do You Handle Bad News? by Mike Griffith

Professor Mike GriffithRecently I have been blessed with very good news.  Good news is both easy to take and gratifying to receive.  As I reflect on this good news, I am reminded that not so long ago I received some bad, life-changing news.

How I handled the bad news is a lesson in what NOT to do.  

I was dumbfounded upon receiving this bad news, paralyzed by a numbing fear that kept me from having any worthwhile rational thought.  I sought out advice from those close to me, as well as professionals, but in my mentally-numbed and emotionally-charged state, the advice and information that I received as largely wasted.  The image of a drowning man who can’t swim flailing about for a life preserver comes to mind.  A sea of worry, details, possible eventualities, doubt, and confusion was engulfing me and I was churning it up as I tried to come to terms with some possible future that may or may not come to pass. Read more 

Your Divorce Lawyer and You: Hiring the Right Fit by Diana Schimmel

dianaWhen starting the process of divorce, there are many decisions you have to make.  One of the most important can be who to hire as your family law attorney.  You want someone you can trust to help you navigate what is to come.  You may also be vulnerable, emotional and stressed out.  You want to be able to rely on your attorney when you are not as confident in yourself.  Here are some things to consider when hiring the right fit: Read More

There is plenty of Time to Grow Up, But, Let a Child be a Child by Deborah A. Williams

There is plenty of Time to Grow Up, But, Let a Child be a Child by Deborah A. WilliamsAs a professional and a mother, I remember that the development of an infant through early childhood moves so quickly after the time of birth.  One thing for certain is that “childhood” should be one reflected in joy, exploration, assimilation of knowledge through experiences, joy, and happiness.  There is no greater pleasure than hearing and seeing a happy child laugh, grow, and showing joy.   These particular memories provide the binding force that links many children to their parents.  However, for so many unfortunate children it has become a time of abandonment, neglect, abuse, and great sadness due to trauma or injury.  From the time we are born into this world our eyes and ears have become a direct link to the daily experience as a growing young child.  Although, speech comes later … [Read more}

Know Yourself by Knowing Your Role Models by Professor Mike Griffith

Professor Mike GriffithThe ancient Greek saying “know thyself” offers us a healthy way of living.  By knowing our limits, our vices and our virtues, our strengths and weaknesses, we can lead a safer, saner life.  We can also benefit   from knowing ourselves if we look at the qualities of people who were positive and negative role-models in our personal and professional lives.

We are all well-aware of the positive role-models who have made good impacts on our lives. We embrace these role-models and are thankful that we knew them.  They exhibited behaviors and traits we found admirable and inspirational. These people showed us who we want to be.

We should likewise be aware of and thankful for those people who were negative role-models to us. These are people who have shown us how not to act, what not to be like. Negative role-models repeatedly act in ways we find wrong or inappropriate and often say things we wish would never be said.  These people influence us just as positive role-models do: they show us how things should and should not be done.  In short, they are people we don’t want to be like.  [Read more]

From Afghanistan: A Letter to My Father That He Will Never Read by Lauren Almeida

30 May, 2010. The flashFrom Afghanistan: A Letter to My Father That He Will Never Read by Lauren Almeidalight.  The uniforms.  The vest.  The Kevlar.  The extra sets of identification tags.  The books to act as blinders snuffing out a world that will feverishly breathe and swell just beyond the comforts of fiction.  The boots orange with Hawaiian clay from too many field exercises—boots that will soon, once the sand has had its say, become pale as a man approaching the gallows.  The photographs of a courtship, a wedding, a honeymoon, one goodbye too many. You are not in those photographs. And I pack it all away, daunted by the weight of these things as the fog of Waianae rolls in off the mountains and the ocean is like mercury thirteen stories below our lodging … [Read more]

Happy Valentines Day 2The Importance of Giving Honor to a Loved One [Valentine’s Day Special], by Jillian Stone

We all have a special person or many special people in our lives.  Perhaps it is your parents, who clearly sacrificed themselves for your comfort.  Perhaps it is a friend who is always available when you need someone to talk to or who brings you chicken soup when you’re sick. Perhaps it is a pastor who helped you through a difficult time in your life.  Or maybe it is a sibling who brought you joy and made you laugh as you grew up together.  Or it might be your spouse. As a woman who lost her spouse to cancer nearly 7 years ago now, I can say this with a heart filled with beautiful memories…treasure your spouse. Treasure each other with all your heart. Make a decision today to tell your spouse, or any of your special people, how much they are loved by you and how they have made you a better person just by being in your life.  Remember, once they’re gone, that opportunity will be gone. What’s Important in Life? Sometimes, as we go through life trying to get through what each new day brings, we lose perspective that one day all of life, as we know it, will change. It’s so easy to forget about what is truly important in our lives.  It’s not the material things we own, it’s not the hobbies that we enjoy and it’s not the vacations we take that make our lives satisfying.  It’s who we have in our lives and the richness they add to our lives.  What makes … [Happy Valentine’s Day]

Mentor 1

Getting to Know Us, Pennsylvania Mentor

Founded in 1989, Pennsylvania MENTOR is a leading home and community-based human services provider serving individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities, as well as emotional, behavioral or mental health challenges. We offer a range of innovative programming to enhance the lives of children and adults in our communities. Life sharing Through Family Living, Therapeutic Foster Care, Respite Services, and Autism Services are a few of our services.  We are located throughout Pennsylvania including Brodheadsville, Pittston and Allentown. What is a Mentor? Mentors are independent contractors who open their hearts and their homes to care for a child, adolescent or adult in need. With the support of a specialized team of health and human service professionals, Mentors become … [Read more]

Why Domestic Violence Victims Don’t Leave

Turning Point


Domestic Violence is an epidemic in our society. One in four women in the U.S report being a victim of intimate partner abuse at some point in her lifetime. That is more than have contracted all forms of cancer, heart disease, or any other serious illness. Yet, when you hear about the major reasons for emergency room visits, hospital stays, and even death, domestic violence is rarely mentioned. Yes, domestic violence is an epidemic. It impacts everyone. It is a primary cause of homelessness. It costs employers billions (with a b) of dollars in lost wages. And domestic calls are listed … [Read More…]

Parents Role in Bullying

By Kelly Sunday, MS NCC, LPC, BCC

There appears to be a ubiquitous belief that children must learn how to solve problems on their own.  This is often true in cases of peer bullying.  Kids will be kids, right?  You might even remember your own situations involving a bully and YOU figured it out, right?  read more



Just Say No

by Kelly Sunday

Somehow, when the kids were toddlers, it didn’t seem to matter when you, as parents laughed at their misbehavior. The years go by in a blink.  You now have an adolescent in your house.  Not only do you now have a stranger constantly asking you for money but you also have a stranger in your bed.  Who is this person that I married and why does he keep taking their side? read more

Coaching 101

By Kelly Sunday, MS, NCC, LPC

Do you ever have those mornings where you do not want to get out of bed? You may feel blah and ready to pull the covers back over your head. You think of the day ahead of you and cannot seem to find anything to look forward to.  There is just nothing to help jump start your day and propel you to your feet. Everything is fine. Kids are fine, spouse, job is okay but something is not right. Maybe you notice that you are having more mornings or even days like this. For a fleeting second you think, “Maybe I am depressed.” Still this not does quite resonate with you. You can’t quite put your finger on it! Wouldn’t it be nice to hear that this experience may be a prime opportunity for growth when you originally thought it was something else? Read more

Intentional Dating

By Kelly Sunday MS, NCC, LPC

Many women leaving past relationships, whether due to loss or attrition, have asked me, “How do I start over again?” I prefer to label it as moving forward. I usually ask two specific questions.

The first is, “Have you had time by yourself and if so, could you stand yourself?” If so, let’s proceed.
The second question is, “Did you clean out all of your closets both figuratively and literally?” Did you get rid of the presence of him.

You would be surprised what I hear when I ask women to tell me what is in their bedrooms/houses that remind them of their past relationships. Some still invest in the late night call to an ex for sex. Some will say that they have his clothes in the closet. They wear his old socks. They keep old text messages and past boyfriend’s phone numbers. They keep old cards and notes by the bed. These intimate items become reminders. They no longer belong to you. They keep you stuck. Read more

To Charm is a Verb

by Kelly Sunday, MS, NCC, LPC

There are no other creatures in the world that ignore their built in predictors of danger more than women do. You know these predictors as your gut instincts, psychologists call them, “visceral responses”. There is a litany of words used to describe those special internal messages that are meant to immobilize or to rev up to flee or fight. These messages visit us as nagging, fear, apprehension, doubt, suspicion, hunches, curiosity or persistent thought.  Not only are these internal messages signals to protect us from those dangers we dream about when we sleep at night, but they can help reveal much about a potential partner’s character. read more

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