Passion for Dance

amanda armerrata

“Where the passion of the earliest art form comes to life,” is the slogan that says it all for Amanda Armetta.  She lives her life by these words  and the students at Armetta’s Dance Studio greatly benefit by it.    For some of Armetta’s students, her weekly dance class is the only time they can really express themselves.   These children are autistic and are not usually able to express themselves verbally well,  but  with dance, it’s a different story.

“It is so exciting for me to see these children begin to grow and express themselves better than they could before,” Armetta  said.  “ The milestones the students make in a short time is really amazing.”

Armetta, who has been involved with dance all her life explained that she always wanted to have a dance studio and that she felt that designing a program for special needs students who have Autism or Downs Syndrome was part of her passion.  “ It is so rewarding to share in the smiles and joy that it has brought to my students and their families.”  Armetta teaches 3 glasses for special needs students.

There are also opportunities for students who are looking to perform.  The dance team have performed with Harlem Globe Trotters, for the Scranton Wilksberry Yankees  games and will be performing at the Iron Pigs games.   “I also think it is important for them to perform at nursing homes, “ Armetta said. “It makes the residents so happy and helps to build character in the dancers.”

Recently company members and teachers attended a dance convention in New York City where they received instruction from many of the country’s top dance choreographers .    ‘We all had a fantastic time and made great contacts,” she said.

Armetta said that she has wanted to open a dance studio as long as she can remember; and she credits her parents with helping her to reach her goal.   “My parents were a huge support for me and I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.  With their help and guidance I was able to open my studio and the age of 19.”

The studio began as a 500 sq. foot room in a gym with about 70 students.  After the first year, Armetta ‘s studio moved to a building down the street with 2 dance rooms and a waiting room.  After 3 years she expanded to 3 dance rooms and a waiting room 4 times the size of the last one with flat screen tvs so parents can watch the students without distracting them.

Amanda Armetta would like to invite anyone who is interested to join her and her staff and students to celebrate National Dance Week on April 23, 2:00 P.M. at  the Lower Macungie Township Community Center Gymnasium, 3450 Brookside Rd.  to make the biggest kickline in Macungie.  “We started in 2007 with 48 in our kickline and last year we were up to 157!” she said.  “Let’s beat that this year.”  Her dance team Grande Jete will also be performing.]

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