Multiple Chemical Sensitivity: A Short Introduction


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What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivities?

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What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity?

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is commonly defined as a chronic medical condition characterized by symptoms that are triggered by exposure to low levels of chemicals.

Commonly suspected substances include petroleum products, scented products, pesticides, plastics, synthetic fabrics, smoke, and paints. Symptoms may be vague and non-specific, such as nausea, fatigue, and headaches.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity has also been termed :

  • Toxic Injury (TI)
  • Chemical Sensitivity (CS)
  • Chemical Injury Syndrome (CI)
  • 20th Century Syndrome
  • Environmental Illness (EI)
  • Sick Building Syndrome
  • Idiopathic Environmental Intolerance (IEI)
  • Toxicant-induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT)

and is often involved in Gulf War Syndrome.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) is a Limbic System condition brought on by neurological trauma which may involve chemical injury, viral, environmental and/or psychological factors. The way in which the brain/mind/body expresses this trauma is unique to each person. [Read more…]

Neuroplasticity: The Way To Greater Health And Well-being

by Andrea  Hartley

                                                            Reprogramming the Brain

A Path to Healing Disease, Happiness and Well-being

          Few people would question the value of maintaining a physical fitness program.   Increasing numbers of people are finding that their health and quality of life improves as they increase their physical activity by walking and working out.   Health experts encourage people to maintain a regular a fitness program and this has become an important goal for many people.    Some people are finding that a fitness program for the brain has incredible benefits as well and this may also soon become a common goal. [Read more…]

Stress Reduction Technique

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