Anger Management Tips


1.)    Admit to yourself that you are angry and need a time out.

2.)    Get by yourself, go to the bathroom if that is the only place you can be alone for 10 minutes

3.)    Accept that you have the right to your feelings; so you have the right to feel angry.

4.)    Ask yourself “Why am I angry?”

5.)    Ask yourself if your anger is helping to resolve the cause of your anger. Is this productive?

6.)    Think about how you can turn your anger into productive anger.

7.)    Write down those ideas that come to you.

8.)    Tell yourself that it is smart to choose to use your anger constructively and to meditate on how it looks. (What are you doing? Who is involved? Etc.)

9.)    Write down what happens if you choose to use your anger destructively by yelling, taking revenge, isolating yourself, holding it in, etc. Think about how it affects your health.

10.)   Meditate on how it looks.

11.)   Congratulate yourself on choosing to use your anger productively!

As your wellness coach, I can encourage and guide you into healthier, more loving thought patterns that will increase your health and well-being. There are many ways that we will employ to accomplish this. Some are education, personalized meditation and thought affirmations, accountability, emotional support and my “Association Technique”. This technique will help you to develop love, peace and calm in your life.

If you are willing to dedicate yourself to your personalized wellness program, I would like to partner with you. I will give you a free one hour session, valued at $40 to help you find your wellness plan and create your vision.

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Andrea Hartley is the publisher of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal,  wellness coach, and  personal trainer with a specialty in mind body connection, certified by AAAI/ISMA.


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