Mama McFoodie by Aubrey Hendricks

mamafoodiepicI’m the woman beside the Dude, the Food Dude. As we embark on our food blogging journey, which has been in discussion for nearly two years, we are both very excited. We are very fortunate to share a common passion for not only food, but for the entire dining out experience. We do it well and we do it often. William, The Lehigh Valley Food Dude, chose our first location. Dartos in Bethlehem, it was chosen first because we’ve never been there and realized recently it was local and established. Twice we’ve tried to go and it was closed, not a good start, but I was assured by William that it’s rated 4.9 out of 5 stars on the internet somewhere, so it must be true.

We walked in the door with our two year old son in tow, and awkwardly stood there a bit too long, receiving glares from what felt like everyone… I asked myself “Am I overdressed?” A maxi dress is a normal right? Oh maybe it’s Wyatt…he is super cute, they must be stares of admiration…or are they are terrified we’ll sit next to them with our toddler monster. Someone hollered from behind the counter, “seat yourself”. Okay, sure.  I picked a booth and as soon as we sat I immediately start shuffling all the items on the table away from Wyatt, as the last thing we need was sugar packets and salt shakers to be thrown about the restaurant…just kidding my baby would never do that.  I reach for the salt and pepper shaker caddy, it was wedged between the table and the shelf above the table. Yank, yank… oops apparently that was holding the table in place. As the entire table started to tilt in my direction, I quickly shoved it back in place, whew… that was a close one. Let’s just remove the salt and pepper, put it on the shelf and call it a day. No human two year old could pry that caddy out of there.

I turned on my super charm; I was determined to have our first blog post be positive. It’s about the food, I so wanted a positive experience there. I mean, come on… 4.9 stars on the internet. I couldn’t get the waitress to crack a smile. Maybe she didn’t like us… I did wear a maxi dress and disrupted the balance of the table under the salt and pepper caddy, but Wyatt, my funny little boy couldn’t even get a smile. I understand not everyone finds the antics of a two year old funny. I get it, I use to be the person who would literally think to myself…scratch that, I’ve said it out loud  “who in their right mind brings a toddler to a restaurant?!” Me… I’m that person now and I think it’s great. Wyatt started dining out with us at a few weeks old and we have no intention of stopping. When I jumped on the hashtag bandwagon about a year ago, I made him the #professionalrestaurantbaby. The boy loves to eat. So much so that while he was eating his gluten free O’s (think cheerios) as a snackatizer waiting for his eggs, he sees his plate arrive,  with his arms up and fork in hand,  he slowly starts to open his mouth and I see the mouthful of mush start to roll off his tongue.  As the plate starts to slide toward him… Plop… missed his plate by an inch. He loves eggs and was excited for new food to go in his mouth…fastest way to clear out his mouth was to push the old food out. I found the whole thing hilarious, but laughed on the inside because the look I got from the waitress was of utter disgust. How inappropriate my two year old act like a two year old in public, I know.

If you follow Lehigh Valley Food Dude on facebook  you know I take my omelets very seriously. William actually referred to me as an “omelet aficionado” recently, which made me smile for a bit longer than it should have. William had ordered the French toast which was delicious, Wyatt had eggs which were also good, and I as usual had the veggie omelet. The reason I ordered the veggie omelet was because I judge all breakfast establishments by their veggie omelet. This to me can be the deciding factor if I will go back or not. Is it sloppy, slimy, soaked, and are the veggies added to the eggs stirred then cooked or are the veggies on the inside of the omelet (how I like it/the right way)? There are several places in the Valley that make a fantastic omelets… this my friends, is not one of them. My omelet arrived in a bed of veggie juice… just soaking wet, sloppy, and sad.

Overall we had a good experience because we were there together. We aren’t ones to let a poorly made veggie omelet ruin our day; we focused on the amazing French toast and properly cooked eggs. We actually laughed a lot while we were there, mostly at the ridiculousness of the whole experience and that it was going to be the experience of our first blog post. As William paid the bill, Wyatt reached his arm up in the air as high as he could while balancing a crumpled paper napkin on his tiny little palm and smiling at a neighboring table as in “do you see what I’m doing? Look! Look at my skills!”  They pleasantly smiled back, but clearly were not into the antics of two year olds.