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Mission Statement: Our goal is to inform and inspire women and to provide small business promotion.

Place your ad and have your article seen by Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and South Jersey Woman’s Journal readers AND have it promoted on 20 social media sites, weekly, for a month; all for $75. For details, scroll down to Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and South Jersey Woman’s Journal Marketing Plan.

20 Reasons Why Our Online Magazine is Better Than Our Print

Advantages of Online Magazines for Advertisers

  • Our online magazine comes out monthly, rather than bi-monthly.
  • Your articles will be published free of charge.
  • You may post as many photos as you wish.
  • All articles’ photo, byline and first paragraph appear on the front page.
  • All articles can be clicked through to provide a full page of coverage for you.
  • Articles may be promoted several times weekly in 20 social media, if you choose for a nominal fee.
  • Articles are search engine optimized so that they can appear in searches conducted on your topic indefinitely.
  • Articles remain on the website  indefinitely, print articles are usually thrown away after the first month.
  • Advertisers are 92% cheaper than the print publication. For example, cost of a full page article was formerly $1200, now it is free. All you pay for is the ad and promoting of the article on social media sites, cost is only $75 a month.
  • Readers of your article can then click to your website.
  • Readers have an opportunity to explore your business and services, as well as get to know you better.

Advantages of Online Magazines for Readers

  • No newspapers cluttering up your living space
  • Save articles of interest in your favorites
  • Email articles of interest to your friends
  • See more photos and fully research the business or topic
  • Click back to the author’s website
  • Interact with us online
  • Publish your own articles of interest in our blogs
  • Fresh content monthly
  • Email reminders available

Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal  and South Jersey Woman’s Journal Marketing Plan

This plan will meet your advertising needs in a unique and valuable way now, and for the long haul. It also meets the needs of our readers and people all over the internet who have an interest in your area of expertise. It works like this:
You write an inspiring or informative article, or, if you choose, I can write it for you. This article is search engine optimized and then published in our online magazine. We promote the article on over 20 social media sites, including FB, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Last year my LinkedIn profile was in the top 5% of profiles viewed. Now, your article gets seen by our regular online readers, anyone on the social media sites where it is posted as well as anyone who is searching for info on your topic who pulls up your article from the search engine. What makes this incredible is that there is no time limit like a print magazine. After 30 days it is usually trashed, but our client’s experience has been that even two years after being published, the article is still being seen by people finding from the search engines. Now that’s really value!
The first paragraph and photo of your article will go on the cover page. After the first paragraph, the reader will click and be brought to a full page for your article. Here, you may also have other photos. This is the page that is search engine optimized and promoted. Your article will appear at the top of the cover page for a month, then it will go to the bottom the cover page for next month, and finally it will be placed under the appropriate heading on the top navigation bar which appears on every page. It will remain there indefinitely. The best part is, there is no charge for you to place an article. The only charge is for the SEO and the promotion. We will promote the article several time each week to all the sites including….. and of course we will make sure that the article is search engine optimized. You will also have an opportunity to place an ad in the side bar on the every page of the magazine.

Testimonials from Clients and Readers

“Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal helps me reach my target audience in a polished, professional way. It allows me to put out content that’s actually useful to my potential clients, instead of just running ads that would be ignored. Andrea has a deep knowledge of the NY/NJ/PA small business community and can help you develop a strategy that’s right for your company. ”
–Lisa Snow
Certified Personal Trainer & Director of Sales
EFT Personal Training LLC
3 Prospect St., Apt. 2F,
New Rochelle, NY, 10805
eftpersonaltrainer@gmail.com | 914-740-7232“Sometimes a letter to the editor is “proof” that an article has impact.
But for us, a better way is when we get a phone call or email. This is exactly what happened afterLehigh Valley Woman’s Journal published a piece about the Cancer Support Community of the Greater Lehigh Valley. A woman wrote our program director and asked for help for a severely depressed family member with kidney cancer. She quoted directly from the article in her plea for help. These actions say that the magazine has both reach and persuasiveness.”
–Elizabeth Scofield
Interim Director
Cancer Support Community (formerly The Wellness Community)
3400 Bath Pike
Bethlehem, PA
610-861-7555“As the owner of Positive Life Decisions and a life, career and retirement coach, I have written for Andrea and her publication, Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal. Andrea is always kind and pleasant to work with. She started the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and kept it going while dealing with challenges in her own life. Her extensive journalism background qualifies her to be heading this excellent and worthwhile publication. I encourage all women in the Lehigh Valley area to support and subscribe to the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal.”
–Connie Challingsworth
Owner, Positive Life Decisions, LLC
4755 W. Tilghman St.
PMB# 186
Allentown, PA 18104
610-390-1354The new journal looks fantastic – you must be very proud.
–Shannon Cutts
Reader of the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal
Texas“The page about neuroplasticity and the page abut Soften and Flow is very interesting. Soften and Flow helps me calm down and get the energy going so I feel warm and my frozenness disappears”
–Anette Dalehaug
Reader of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal
Norway“Great info for all women and young girls”
–Tonya M. Rupell
Reader of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal ‘
Lehigh Valley, PASee more testimonials

Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and South Jersey Woman’s Journal does not use sponsored content.  That means authors do not need to pay to have their articles published.  In addition, these articles are written to inform or inspire.  They are not to be advertorial. This provides a valid, valuable service to readers and is well-received, as opposed to reading a written commercial about one’s business.

Additional services we offer:

  • Video/YouTube
  • Writing
  • Publishing newsletter, online and print
  • Book publishing and marketing
  • Virtual administrative assisting

Contact us at lehighvalleywomansjournal@gmail.com or 609-533-7966