Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal 5 Year Anniversary: My Thoughts, by Andrea Hartley

Andrea Hartley  We have recently celebrated our five year anniversary of being in business. We’ve all heard that the best way to succeed in business is to find a need and meet it. We have also heard that it is important to adapt and flow with changing times.. We began 5 years ago as a bi-monthly print publication. Soon after we began publishing, the economy had a nosedive. Our expenses escalated and our client’s ability to purchase advertising declined. It was a real struggle, at that point, for a brand new publication to continue. I worked long hours to get just enough  money to meet our publishing expenses and took no salary for  myself.  As a single parent, this was very difficult to do.  My daughters and I cut back on non-essentials like cable TV.  Who had time for TV anyway?  But we did, and still do enjoy the time we spend together working on the publication.  After two years, we re-organized and began publishing a monthly digital magazine. This gave us the ability to provide our clients with more advertising value at a lower rate. For one thing, it enabled us to accept articles to publish without having to charge for advertising space. As a published writer, I never really felt comfortable charging to publish articles. It also gave us the expertise to be able to help our clients with social media. We have devised a plan to promote businesses online that far surpasses a print publication. Our plan is so successful that we expanded and began publishing South Jersey Woman’s Journal.

My daughters work with me in publishing and promoting Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and I feel that our lives have been enriched by this experience.  We have met, in person and by phone many wonderful people in the Lehigh Valley. It is our privilege to be here to inform and inspire women, and be an avenue where business can advertise by beginning a relationship with new potential clients and deepen relationships with current clients.  I believe this happens when business owner share information of value in articles, as well as personal articles sharing about themselves and how they overcome their own struggles. Readers also have the opportunity to follow up the article by clicking on the writer’s website.

We at Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal have a better opportunity to interact with our readers since we went online. I was overjoyed to learn that the positive outcome for a cause we (and others) participated in, a local woman was able to bring her solider husband home for Christmas. (See article in this month’s issue.) The young woman told KETV News that she had people voting on and sharing her story from Australia and she knew no one in Australia. I was most surprised to learn that in addition to our readership in the Lehigh Valley, our online magazine now has readers from Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, as well as most of the 50 states.

I invite anyone with a worthy cause for which you would like support, to contact us. I also invite anyone with article idea to contact us. Please see our additional article, 20 Reasons Why Our Online Magazine is Better Than Our Print, in this issue.