Is There a Fountain of Youth? By Tori Lee K

 …if so I’m jumping in!Tori Lee K 2016

It’s funny how when I was younger I thought being over 40 meant someone was OLD! Now that I am over 40 I beg to differ! We’ve all heard the expression ‘age is just a number’ and in theory that sounds great. It really is JUST a number. However, that number also represents changes to our bodies that occur that we basically have no control over. Sure we can get tummy tucks, liposuction, Botox, fillers, face lifts, and heck we can even get Brazilian butt lifts! The truth of the matter is that when we age, unfortunately so do our bodies. Do we let ourselves age naturally, or do we help slow down aging by whatever means necessary. To have work done or to not have work done, that is the question!

I am leaning towards the realization that the answer is a delicate balance of ones desire to change, social pressures, finances, & either contentment or discontent with how we personally are aging. The decision of course will be different for every one of us.

Let’s look at a couple pros and cons with some of our ‘fountain of youth’ options.

BotoxBotox – Pros

The pros are you will get fast results & therefore have instant gratification. Stubborn #11 vertical lines between your brows,

horizontal forehead lines & crow’s feet temporarily go away. They can inject so you get an eyebrow and/or smile lift. With creams and serums you may or may not even get results and you will need patience as they do not work as fast.

Botox – Cons

The cons are you will need to continuously get injections (up to 4 times per year). The cost can be quite high especially as treatments are only temporary. There is the possibility of various side effects. Some women wind up over-doing it and then have the exact opposite effect of trying to look younger.

tummyTummy tucks – Pros

Well the pros are you will have a flatter, thinner and more firm looking stomach without dieting or exercise.

Tummy tucks – Cons

Cons are; it’s surgery and with any surgery as you know there are many potential risks and side effects. There can be significant scarring depending on which type of procedure you undergo. Recovery can be rather long and it will cost you a pretty penny.

There are of course many tricks we can do to fool the eye without getting anything ‘done’. One quick fix for our flabby areas is to buy Spanx or any type of body shapers with some sort of control (spandex blend) built in. Buy the pieces for the areas you need most and then wear them daily. For example I always wear a cami/tank with spandex underneath my shirt. In fact I got so used to wearing them that I cannot go out now without one.

If wrinkles are your main concern yes creams & serums can help but they only work when used for a long period of time. There are quick-fix products you can buy that do not involve needles or surgery. They work to smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin however they are only temporary and last until you wash your skin. You apply the product to the troubled areas of your face, neck or décolletage. Now I admit some work better than others but overall they are a pretty good option. Just search “wrinkle smoother” and then find the best product for you based on need and budget.

BraHas your chest started to sag? Well of course exercising is a great choice and surgery is always an option. For a simple fix have you thought about getting a professional bra fitting? Often times women wear the wrong bra size & style, and this can leave you with droopy boobies. Drooping and sagging of any body part makes us look, you guessed it, OLD! So clean out the old brassiere drawer, get fitted, and lift the girls up!!

Just because once a year we add another candle on our birthday cake doesn’t necessarily mean the way we look has to reflect that higher number. I would think everyone in some way misses something about our younger selves with respect to our current appearance. You can choose to age without doing anything and if you’re happy then obviously that’s all that matters. Or you can choose to fight against aging, which if you haven’t guessed by now is the route I’m taking.

If I do find a fountain of youth believe me I will be bathing in it daily. Until that happens I will continue my search of innovative products and ideas and have fun trying & sharing them all!

Youthful wishes,

Tori Lee K

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