If You Think Online Video is Just Another Passing Fad, Think Again, by Valerie Bittner

Valerie Bittner Headshot 10_13Tips for creating a unique web video for your unique business

According to “Business Week,” having a video on the home page of your website makes it 53 percent more likely to show up on the first page of a Google search. Great! But where do you begin? Choosing the right video production company that can manifest your marketing goals into video is the best place to start.

Your homepage video should be a one-minute (two minutes tops!) overview of what your business offers. Don’t waste time trying to convince potential clients that you’re the friendly business or the honest business. When choosing a product or service, no one surfs the net trying to decide between the ratfink or the friendly gal. It should be assumed that you are friendly, honest and dependable. What you should be focusing on is what makes your product or service unique. Why do customers go looking for a particular service? Because they are in need. Your web video should feature your business as the superhero that saves the day in a way that your competitor cannot.

Tom Elmer of PIXcara Studios said to me recently, “If you can scratch your name off your advertising and replace it with your competitor’s name, your advertising was a waste of money.” To know how to market your business in a web video, you need to study your competition. What are their strengths and weaknesses? If your rival has a particular weakness, speak your strength in that particular area. Does your competitor have a web video? What area of the business are they focusing on? You’ll need to focus on something else or how you can do it faster or provide a better quality. A quality production company will take the time to learn all about your business, its marketing goals and give you a clear picture of what your web video will look like before they start the cameras rolling.

The first step in choosing a production company is to start asking associates in your business networks. Who did they use? Whose web video stands out? Whose was a real bust and why? You should be checking out no less then five video production companies. Now go to their websites and look at their web videos. Are they informative? Clever? Or are they all the same format? This should narrow your search to the three you should call. Who do you like from the initial conversation? Be sure the company can accurately explain back to you the specific goals of your company. When you meet with them and tell them what you want, what ideas do they come up with? Do they seem genuinely interested in your project?

A quality video production company should come back to you with a concept of the web video they are envisioning for you. Some companies charge extra for story boards, but I feel strongly that they are a valuable tool to help the business owner visualize, frame by frame, what their video will look like. Notice that I saved price for last. I have met production companies with price points ranging from $250 to $5000. Your choice in a web video production company should ideally rely on getting what you need and who can meet the needs most effectively

In my 20 years as a model, actor and voice artist, I have helped many businesses achieve financial success promoting a wide variety of products and services in video advertising. Check out my home page web video at ValerieBittner.com to see the many ways businesses have used me to take their marketing from forgettable to incredible!


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