I Want to Fly, by William Cohea

I want to fly


I Want To Fly is a story about a young man who is 12 years old and his desire to learn how to fly.

Do you remember being 12 years old?

For me, it is an ancient memory that is clouded with time.

But Nick, who is in the process of becoming a young man, is full of the itch to learn how to fly.  With the help of a gifted flight trainer, he is moving very close to that goal.

Nick started his flight training with this vintage aircraft.

I want to fly 2

To fly this type of aircraft you have to literally learn how to fly by the seat of your pants.

I want to fly 3

Part of his training is do a complete walk around the aircraft to inspect it for any signs of damage or excessive wear and tear.

I want to fly 4

Nick has to know every thing about the operations of the aircraft.

I want to fly 5

I want to fly 6

On this early November afternoon,

after learning how to handle the training aircraft,

I want to fly 7

Nick moved up to a much bigger aircraft for the very first time.

I want to fly 8

Nick has a routine called a preflight check. It is a check list that he has to do before he taxis to the runway.

I want to fly 9

Once he completes his preflight check list,  he is given some last minute instructions.

I want to fly 10

And with the sun setting over the horizon

he announces his location over the radio, so that any flight traffic would be aware of his impending departure.

He takes the throttle in his small hands.

 The helpful instructor coaches him onward.

 He engages the engine and pushes the aircraft to lift off speed.

The engine responds with a loud roar.

 The aircraft speeds down the runway.

The ground starts to race away.

Nick pulls gently back on the wheel

and we are lifted into a windless sky.

I want to fly 11

During Nick’s time in the air,  the flight trainer would cover the instrument panels and would instruct Nick to fly visually.

I want to fly 12

My observation of Nick from the back seat of the aircraft,  is one of complete confidence in his ability as a young 12 year old pilot.

I want to fly 13

 An additional note about Nick.

I want to fly 14

When Nick landed the aircraft,  it was like a soft kiss on the ground.

I headed back to the flight school to say good bye.

When Nick saw me walk into the office he immediately pulled off his glove and stuck his hand out to me. He took my hand and looking up at me  said, ” Thanks for coming along “.

I realized right away that Nick is going to be a man who understands respect and what it takes to be a leader.

Life is filled with stories.

I am documenting the life of a small country airport in Northern New Jersey.

I enjoy the art of visual story telling. For me, it’s all about getting closer to the story that lies beneath the surface; the emotion that is the human being.

 I am currently taking on assignments locally and nationally.

 I specialize in  location-based portraiture for editorial clients.

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