How to Choose an Entertainer for Your Event, by Stephen T. Blatz

Stevie BlatzFirst Off I would like to ask you, have you ever booked entertainment, planned a party or wedding or hired children’s entertainment for a birthday party? Have you ever felt overwhelmed or unsure how to do these things properly? If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it’s my pleasure to assist you. You are not alone.
I may be young but I have proven myself to hundreds of clients and hundreds of other event professionals.

I encourage all readers of this article to check out what our company can do for your next event, wedding, corporate event, fundraiser, or birthday party. Below are a few tips for selecting the proper entertainment for an event. These are very basic but VERY important. Please know we offer FREE advice for anyone at anytime. Whether you are a client or not, you have the right to a great event, we are here to guide you.

1—-Is your entertainer or event professional Insured?

Make sure your entertainer is insured with the right coverage for what he or she provides. If a speaker falls or a wall in your home gets damaged, What happens next?

Your event professional should provide you with a certificate of insurance stating he is covered. Also, it is important that you hire a children’s entertainer with a clean background check. A certificate through the state he or she works out of or the Church diocese he or she belongs too will do. Make sure the entertainer is a member of monthly, or yearly training programs that relates to children’s entertainment. If you’re entertainer is dedicated, especially doing this full time, they will be a member of one of the following organizations to ensure they keep up on safe practices on working with kids.

—Mid Atlantic clown association—-School Dance Network–Certified DJ—–N.A.M.E

—Pennsylvania state showmen’s association—-National Showmen’s League—

—World Clown association—-etc…..

Also, if your entertainer is a part of any professional magicians society or have worked for Sam Losagio or All Purpose Entertainment agencies; you can trust that your performers are trained right.


2—-Does your entertainer or DJ have contracts, deposits and backup entertainers?

            A true professional will have contracts, deposits and a team of entertainers or DJs working with them. This ensures you that this company is serious and dedicated to keeping your event ON and won’t leave you stranded. Be prepared to spend good money to get good quality. We offer payment plans which help you pay your deposits. Working with booking agencies is also a PLUS. They have many entertainers available. 

3—-Legal music sources for DJs

If your DJ purchases songs through a website dedicated to DJs, pays a public broadcasting fee, or buys songs from iTunes, then he or she is legal. If it doesn’t state this on the website, or you cant get an answer over the phone or email, go on to the next DJ. “Promo Only” is also a great music subscription choice. If a DJ will do your party for $100 or a wedding for $200, keep on searching. Professional DJs do private parties at $300–$500 and Weddings at $600—$900 on average. Some high end companies charge more than $1k, sometimes it is worth the price and sometimes just a little too over the top. It is tough to decide. There are many qualified DJs that charge over $1k. DJs have tens of thousands of dollars in equipment, $20–$40k in music, insurance, training seminars, overhead, vehicle expenses etc… It costs a lot of money to maintain a proper DJ company. We currently estimate our DJ division costs $15k a year to keep up on. This is ONLY Stevie Blatz. If you combine all of our DJs, it’s an insane amount. Also, ensure your professional entertainment is a sole prop, LLC, partnership, or INC. Make sure they are paying taxes.

4—-Will they work with your theme and music choices

                   If your entertainer can work with your theme, or provide WIFI at the event so he or she can get your requests through I tunes, Awesome. Our company specializes in offering this and we have one of the largest inventories of costumes, props, hats, shoes, jackets, and accessories for many themes and color schemes ANY DJ company has. Does your DJ stand out with special skills, logos, or services. That’s also a plus. You’re goal is to be entertained and get something unique. Make sure it’s not too much though, the Guest(s), guest of honor or cause is still the most important.

5—-References, testimonials, videos, samples etc….

                   If you’re entertainer has a website, portfolio or slideshow available for you to see his or her work, that’s the best way to make a choice. Testimonials are always great to have on websites and asking to attend an upcoming public event to see the entertainer LIVE, is even better. Ask your friends, family members, colleagues etc… Have they seen this entertainer? Are they familiar with the company? References are tough, because most clients don’t willingly give out their contact info so that other clients can contact them. The testimonials are done after each event, they are your best bet. Obviously, if you see state of the art equipment and many features that relate to what your event needs, then you are good to go. Call, email, Facebook message your entertainers, get as much info as possible. Just remember if the price is in the middle, you are good. If it’s too low compared to other quotes you have gotten or it’s too high. It’s not worth it.

Stevie Blatz entertainmentReaders, once again I suggest to you, Contact me. I can answer many questions, give advice, ideas and help you select the right services. I have properly studied and or performed more than 30 forms of entertainment and event services. I also network 10hrs a month with MANY other professionals. My knowledge is extensive and I am available 24/7. Unfortunately I can’t answer every question in regards to this topic in this article because there is so much to talk about. Luckily for my readers and clients, I am your human library. Take care everyone and Good luck.

P.S.—-A little something extra.—-Does your entertainer specialize in something. If they specialize in sweet sixteens, book them. That’s what they do most.