How I Gained Great Help For Food Allergies and Chemical Sensitivities by Andrea Hartley

Andrea-Hartley-photo-taken-by-Jenny-Johnson-09-17-20112Would it be helpful for you to learn how to test your food, supplements and even your living space with a high degree of accuracy, to determine what is good for you and what causes reactions? Before learning how to test, I was at the mercy of chance.   There was a 50/50 chance that I would get a reaction to something that I ate.  Those aren’t great odds.  Now, I would say my testing is between 97 and 98% accurate. I have eliminated so many reactions.  I feel more confident now that I am eating what is good for my body or at least what it is able to tolerate without placing too much stress on it.   I test before I buy a food and then again before I eat it. It has enabled me to eat much more than I  used to. The GREATEST benefit was learning that  was not sensitive to ALL tomatoes, nor to ALL potatoes, nor to ALL milk, nor to ALL beef, nor to ALL chicken, nor to ALL eggs, etc.  I found out that there were SOME tomatoes, potatoes, milk, eggs, beef that I could eat.  So rather than having to give up this food completely, I could not eat it if I found the right ones.   Why is this so?? Because not all food is grown and processed in the same way.  For instance there are different kinds of fertilizers used.  Even though I was eating mostly organic, I was still having problems because of the types of fertilizers, wind drifts of neighboring chemicals, feeds given to animals, and processing.  For example, I found that I CAN tolerate milk that is not homogenized.  I can tolerate certain types of tomatoes and certain brands of tomatoes and potatoes and other brands I cannot.  NOW, I know that I do not have to give up on all of the foods that I like but I can find some that work well for me. This has proven accurate for me again and again. I have experienced MCS, food allergies and sensitivities, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia for most of my adult life, which is now going on forty years.   I want to share with you an amazing and simple way that I have been able to take much more control of my situation and what has  helped me so very much over the last 5 years to minimize reactions and suffering.

I am not a doctor.  I am a health coach.  I am not giving medical advice.  I am sharing what has helped me.  One of the most helpful things for me was learning how to test foods and supplements to see if, and when  they were good for me.  You see, I have learned that sometimes I could tolerate a food or supplement well, and at other times, I could not.   I have studied and experienced many ways to test foods and supplements.  I want to share with you the most accurate way that I have found.  Once I discovered a way that worked for me, I studied it for four years  and learned all the subtle and not so subtle variations, circumstances and ways to correct issues pertaining to it.  I have even learned how to test what rooms or places are good for me, which clothing, and even if a place where I am has pesticide or herbicides.

My Experience with Food Testing.

In the early years of dealing with MCS and food allergies and sensitivities, I was under the care of an allergist.  I has given the usual battery of skin tests and later, blood test to identify food allergens.  All this told me was what foods not to eat.  The tests revealed what foods I was reacting to at the time of the test.   It did not take into consideration that this could change.  a few years later, I learned about muscle testing.   If you  hold a substance in one hand and extend your other arm and someone else applies pressure, your arm is supposed to remain strong if it is ok for you and it is supposed to be easily pushed down, if it is not.

So, I came to my doctor’s office armed with food that I wanted her to muscle test.  After an hour of this testing and paying the fee, I happily left with the foods segregated in two bags, the ones I could eat and the ones I could ‘t.  I prepared dinner from the bag of ‘safe’ foods….and got sick.   I called her the next day and explained my plight.   her reply was, “Oh, you were ok with the food when I tested you but, that can change, you know.”  I’m sure you can see how frustrating that was for me.

I tried to learn how to muscle test things for myself, but was never able to get accurate results.  Then, I discovered “sway testing” or “energy testing”.  This opened up a whole new world for me.  I am able to test foods and supplements with about 95% accuracy.  I have perfected it for me by trial and error, research, and testing my testing and recording what works.

I first learned about sway testing from a book by Tisha Meecham.  It was quite helpful.  I also learned some helpful techniques to uncross the energy from my chiropractor, Dr. Don Weiss.

Benefits of Testing

My two daughters and I have been using this method to test our foods and supplements for four years.   Below are my daughter’s testimonies:

“Learning how to muscle test has been a wonderful change for me. Before I learned to test I would occasionally get stomach aches or rashes when I ate and I would not know what was making me sick. After I started testing my food I learned that it was the peanut butter, some nuts like cashews and walnuts, and potatoes that were making me sick. Now I avoid those foods and test everything before I eat it and so I prevent myself from getting sick.” – Jenny

“I have a sensitivity to gluten products, now when I muscle test, I can see if there are traces of wheat in products before I eat them and can avoid swelling in my throat.” – Julia

What is Sway Testing?

Sway Testing is based on the fact that there is an energetic vibration associated with everything.  This energetic vibration can resonate well with our own energetic vibration, or it can disrupt it.  Now that is the simple fact, but in addition, it is true that sometimes something will resonate well and at other times it will not.  For example, I was severely deficient in vitamin D according to blood studies taken.  I reacted poorly to vitamin D supplements.  What to do??  I found one vitamin D supplement that was the purest, most natural form and it still was a problem.  Then I decided to test it various times throughout the day.  Fortunately, I found that I could tolerate it after breakfast but only in a small amount.  I took 1/4 of a capsule after breakfast and gradually worked up to being able to tolerate a whole capsule.  I also am now able to tolerate it for longer periods throughout the day, though on a day when I have had certain exposures the day before, I cannot tolerate it at all.  The point is, now I know when I can tolerate it and even how much.  Before, I would have taken it at a time when I couldn’t tolerate it and would have mistakenly thought that AI couldn’t tolerate it at all and would be very, , very deficient in vitamin D.  For this case alone, Sway testing has been a God-send, but it goes much deeper than that.  I can now also test, how well I am functioning overall, and what  environments are good for me to be in.

How Do I Test?

Before you can Sway Test and expect good results there are some basics that you need to know.

  1. You need to be well hydrated.
  2. You should not be too hungry.
  3. You should be wearing natural shoes or barefoot ( I am constantly “switched” when I wear flip flops. This means my energy is flowing in the wrong direction..more on that later.
  4. You should test to make sure you are not switched. This means that your energy is flowing in the opposite direction that it supposed to be flowing.

How to Tell if You Are Switched and Correct It

Place your right fist over your heart meridian in the center of your chest over your heart and place your left hand over your right fist. Ask yourself, “Show me a’ yes'”. You should sway forward.  Then test the two more medians with the same question.  Those meridians are located above the heart just below the throat, and the other is at the naval.  Hopefully all are in agreement. It is possible for only one or two of the meridians to be switched. If you are swaying backwards, this means your energy is switched.  You should get a drink of water and tap both of your temples about 10 to 20 times lightly with your fingertips.  If you are still having problems, you may try Donna Eden’s “Wayne Cook ” method.   As a way of double checking you can also say “Is my name —(say your name) you should go forward then say, “Is my name….” and make up a name, you should go backward.  If you go forward at some points and backward at others, use the points that you go forward with when you ask” is my name…?” using your correct name.  This will help you know which meridian is accurate.

Testing Process for Food and Supplements 

Hold what you are testing in your right hand and over the first meridian which will be located at the breastbone.  Place your left hand over the right.  Ask “Is this good for me?”.   If you sway forward, it is good if backward it is not.   You may also hold it at the third meridian, just below the naval and ask the same question.  There should be agreement. If there is not, check and see which one of them are out.  If you are having trouble, there are certain other factors that may affect your ability to test, like the shoes you are wearing or if you are taking steroids.

I am so grateful for finding this technique and want to share it with others who need it.

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