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Top 4 Ways to Go Green in 2016 by Bryn Huntpalmer

bryn bio photoThe benefits of going green are many, including a way to minimize your household’s overall carbon footprint as well as the opportunity to save yourself some money. Taking steps to go green in 2016 doesn’t have to take a lot of time or effort in order to see some results. Modernize has put together a list of five fabulously easy ways to go green this year without sacrificing your comfort or convenience—check them out:   Stock up on Reusable Bags The typical plastic shopping bag can take up to a whopping 1,000 years to decompose in the landfill. And thanks to a lack of air or sunlight in landfills, paper bags aren’t a much better option for consumers. By simply stocking up on a few reusable canvas shopping bags, you’ll help to keep landfill waste down and make an invaluable … [Read more]


5 Beauty Tips for Women Over 40 to Look and Feel YOUNGER! by Tori Lee K

5 Beauty Tips for Women Over 40 to Look and Feel YOUNGER! by Tori Lee KNumber One – Eyebrows You may have heard that eyebrows ‘frame your face’. Well, they do, they really do! If your eyebrows are un-kept, unruly & not shaped, your face doesn’t look ‘complete’. Eyebrows are as popular now in 2015 as they were so immaculately shaped back in the 1950’s. Not sure how to shape your brows? Girlfriends if you have a smartphone, tablet or PC simply search ‘eyebrows’ and you will be inundated with information. I can tell you that Anastasia from Beverly Hills has more brow products then you can ever imagine (and her line is available at Sephora stores). A few brow pointers; make sure your brows have a nice arch and that they extend outward just a touch. You … [Read more]


Multiculturalism is Nothing New, its Been around for Decades by Deb Williams, MA, PsyDMulticulturalism is Nothing New, its Been around for Decades by Deb Williams, MA, PsyD

In terms of cultural history, we are women, men, and children of descendants that may have been of mixed heritage where both parents could have been of different heritages as well.  In today’s society, we now have Americans who are of various or multiple ethnicities who look very unique and beautiful in comparison to how we physically looked decades before us.  I remember growing up and my father was ashamed to say he was a “mulatto” (half-white and half-black)  to his children and did not want to acknowledge that part of his heritage at all.  Therefore, my paternal family line was never discussed (or talked about) and I always felt that there was a missing piece in my family tree.  As a …[Read more]


From Afghanistan: A Letter to My Father That He Will Never Read by Lauren Almeida

From Afghanistan: A Letter to My Father That He Will Never Read by Lauren Almeida

30 May, 2010. The flashlight.  The uniforms.  The vest.  The Kevlar.  The extra sets of identification tags.  The books to act as blinders snuffing out a world that will feverishly breathe and swell just beyond the comforts of fiction.  The boots orange with Hawaiian clay from too many field exercises—boots that will soon, once the sand has had its say, become pale as a man approaching the gallows.  The photographs of a courtship, a wedding, a honeymoon, one goodbye too many. You are not in those photographs. And I pack it all away, daunted by the weight of these things as the fog of Waianae rolls in off the mountains and the ocean is like mercury thirteen stories below our lodging … [Read more]


Erin cook thumbnailBeauty Column: Improving Our Self-Images By Erin Cook

Welcome back to our “Inspired By Beauty” column – I thank you for visiting!  As always, I offer my gratitude for this opportunity to share my voice and passion with the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal reading community!  It is truly a pleasure.  I hope that you are all enjoying my monthly beauty column.  If you’ve missed any previous articles, the links are always available following this month’s article.  This month, I’m reoffering November’s article for those of you that missed out!  A topic that is so important, I’ve decided to give it one more month of attention.  It’s time to “get real” – from one woman to the next.  Please read on, share (if you see fit) and enjoy! In my previous articles, I have addressed common misconceptions, given some beauty advice, and offered some tips in … [Read more]


Erin cook thumbnailBeauty Column: Flawlessly Transition into Autumn By Erin Cook

Welcome back to our September “Inspired By Beauty” column!  As Summer is coming to a close and we are transitioning into Autumn, I felt it was only appropriate to offer some Beauty tips to assist you through a flawless seasonal transition!  Hoping that you had an opportunity to relax, unwind and make some new memories with your loved ones this Summer. I hope that you have been enjoying our “Inspired By Beauty” column, as it always a pleasure sharing my passion and voice with the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal reading community!  Sending my gratitude to all for this opportunity! Also, as a friendly reminder, we would love to extend an interactive approach to our beauty column by offering an “Ask Erin” feature.  Simply email your beauty questions or respective areas of interest … [read more]


383923_10150398696847259_178533075_nMakeup for the “Working Women” VS. Makeup for the “Weekend Warrior”, by Jordan Norberto

This is something I get asked almost all the time! What is the most appropriate makeup look for work versus the weekend and how to achieve it? Well, there are many factors that affect this answer. But first, who am I? Well hello there, my name is Jordan Norberto and I am a licensed cosmetologist and certified makeup artist. I have been in the industry for about 4 years now. I attended Metro Beauty Academy for my cosmetology and makeup education. After receiving both my license and certification I went on to become a certified instructor for M.U.D (Makeup Designory in NYC) and instructor for Image international Modeling agency. I guess you can say that everything “beauty” is my thing. There is no better feeling than making someone feel and look beautiful and more confident. Ok … [Read more]


Julia 9Modesty: an Old-Fashioned Fling or a Modern Thing? by Julia Michala Johnson

According to a study at Princeton University headed by Susan Fiske, men who see women dressed in proactive clothing, such as the bikini, view these women as objects not people. “Brain scans revealed that when men are shown pictures of scantily clad women, the region of the brain associated with tool use lights up.And in a ‘shocking’ finding, Susan Fiske, ( a psychologist at Princeton University) noted, some of the men studied showed no activity in the part of the brain that usually responds when a person ponders another’s intentions (or recognizing another person as a person or equal) The lack of activation in this social cognition area is really odd, because it hardly ever happens.” (National Geographic)]      Now, according to Fiske, theses responses are not fully conscious ones and so … [Read more]


Erin cook thumbnailBeauty Column – Going Gray With Grace: To Color or Not to Color? By Erin Cook

Happy Summer to all – And, welcome back to our “Inspired By Beauty” column!  I hope that you have enjoyed the last three articles that I have shared with you, as it has been a true pleasure sharing my passion and voice with the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal reading community!  Sending my gratitude to all for this opportunity!  In this month’s article, I will be addressing one of the most common areas of concern for women; whether or not to go gray, color options and what the best strategy for allowing your gray to grow in – Gracefully. Also, as a friendly reminder, we would love to extend an interactive approach to our beauty column by offering an “Ask Erin” feature.  Simply email your beauty questions or respective areas of interest to … [Read more]


heather rae mitchellFashion Column: How To Effectively Remove Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Professional Skincare vs. Drugstore Favorites, by Heather Rae Mitchell

No matter how extensive your beauty regime might be fine lines and wrinkles can be awfully persistent. At some point you might start to wonder—are these wrinkle creams from CVS really working, or am I wasting my money? Perhaps you are considering a professional procedure but fear the cost will be too high, or the surgery too invasive. Thanks to advancements in technology affordably removing wrinkles without surgery is possible, in fact we offer a number of noninvasive procedures that remove fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving the overall look of your skin. Here we compare the benefits of buying wrinkle cream in bulk versus undergoing a non-invasive skincare procedure. Do Wrinkle Creams Actually Work? There are a number of skin products on the market that offer to clear up … [Read more]


LVWJ Head ShotBeauty Column: What is the Current Trend in Hairstyling? Embrace Your Individuality, by Erin Cook

This is, by far, one of the most frequently asked questions within the salon industry.  In this month’s beauty column, it seemed appropriate to begin addressing your beauty concerns by answering this commonly asked question.  Before offering you my insight on this question, however, I would love to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal for this opportunity to share my passion with you all!  As a Stylist of 12 years and a Salon Owner of almost 6 years, offering a monthly beauty column to the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal reading community, is such an exciting endeavor and a true pleasure.  Sending my gratitude to all for this platform to share my passion – Enjoy! In my twelve years of being in this industry, this is truly one of the most … [Read more]


Gutsy Green Glam GalGutsy, Green Glam Gal, by Andrea Hartley

(This article originally appeared in Jersey Man Magazine) Whether you are looking to make the most of small spaces, live green, or create a sexy bedroom, Blanche Garcia, the Travel Channel’s star of Hotel Impossible, can help you. Garcia, from Montclair, NJ, has a degree in interior design, over 16 years experience in the field, and is LEED accredited through the United States Green Building Commission. LEED, or Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design, is a program that provides third-party verification of green buildings and offers training for professionals involved in the entire building lifecycle. Garcia was the first designer in New Jersey to get certified. With an eye to reduce the carbon footprint, Garcia sends all her samples back to the manufacturer, rather than … [Read more, including how to create a sexy bedroom]


Paul Armstrong

Living Off-Grid Doesn’t Mean Living Without, by Paul L. Armstrong

I have participated in the American Solar Energy Society’s National Solar Tour (www.ases.org/solar-tour) basically since its inception, but a couple of years ago, I received what I consider the ultimate compliment. A wind generator salesman commented that I have “the most on-grid off-grid house” he had ever seen. The tour, which is usually held on the first Saturday of October every year, offers the public an opportunity to visit sites and learn about Alternative Energy systems in use at homes and businesses across the country. New England Solar Energy Association has their Green Buildings Tour coincide with this tour, as does many other regional organizations. These tours tout other environmentally sound methods of building, insulating, heating, and maintaining structures. I don’t … Learn how Paul and his wife live off-grid


kathy moses

Dressing for Your Body Shape

by Kathy Moses

The trick to looking great in clothes really has little to do with designer, size or the  price tag..  The fact is all women can look great, on any budget, at any age, at any size.   To look your best in clothing, the starting point is to know your body shape, therefore enabling you to choose styles that flatter and balance your shape, creating a more flattering silhouette.  Similar to the work of an interior decorator, who can re-create a room by adding color, re-arranging the furniture and adding pictures to the walls; the use of color, clothing style and accessories … [Read More…]


Kathy Moses2

Knowing Your Best Colors Can Change Your Image and Save Money

By Kathy Moses

It seems easy enough.  Choosing the right colors can bring out your features, making your eyes sparkle and you skin glow.  The wrong colors can make you look drained and tired.  It certainly doesn’t cost any more to choose an item in a color that makes you sparkle than a color that deadens your complexion.

So the only question is- how do you know what your “correct” colors are? Read more


A Sensible Approach to Lawn Care

by Andrea Hartley

Melanie Banks in her garden in Northeast Philadelphia

Summer is in full swing and we have our weekly date with the lawn mower or a lawn care bill to pay.  Many use chemicals to enhance the lawn, which pollute groundwater and injure people and wildlife.  This all occurs because there is an out-dated mindset that a green, “weed” free lawn is desirable.  (Much of what is denounced as weeds, can actually be used in herbal medicine for better health).  The only benefit to a lawn that I can see is that it has some aesthetic appeal.  In my mind, this is not a very good trade-off.  What if we could find a way to provide eye appeal to the space in front of or on the side of our house, which would also protect the environment from pollution, provide family time together and actually give you food in return for the the  money you pay?  Happily, there are many brave pioneers, who have challenged the old beliefs, and done just that. Read more


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