Help Dylan Kenny Beat Cancer! by Jeanette Kenny

Dylan SuperStrong Kenny

Hi #PurpleWarriors I am sorry I am just posting now. We had the meeting with his dr about the Stem Cell transplant and it was alot to take in and scary as hell. Me, Larry and Dylan were in the meeting and he told us Dylan right now has 3 options 1 stop therapy now and live out his life which we all said even Dylan that is not a option I will take. 2 have his scans see how they are and have a few more cycles and see if he will stay NED which the dr is almost 85% sure he will relapse again or 3 have the stem cell treatment. Its not a definite he won’t relapse after the stem cell but his chances are a little higher if he has it. Not exactly much of choices. So we have to discuss but as of now he will be having the stem cell transplant. Donate to Dylan KennyThe chemos they will be using are Melaphan (sp) etoposide and Carboplatin. He will be on 2 of them continuously for 4 days and the other on certain days. They side effects are scary as hell, and he wont be home for a few months and he will get very sick and they will be placing a ng tube in and I am so going to be in tears, have been all day. But I cannot do nothing I will NOT lose my son to this disease. Our family is going to be seperated and we are going to need all the support we can get. GoFundMeLogoDylan is going to need all the good vibes and prayers for him to come through this quickly and healthier than ever. He won’t be home for Thanksgiving and we are praying he will be home in time for Christmas. It is going to mean a lot of trips back and forth to Delaware. But for right now please please pray and pray. Please share his page so we can get more prayer warriors. I am a utter mess right now but please pray. I will update more soon. He knows everything the side effects the ins and outs of it all he had a decision in this its is horrible that my 12 yr old has to make life or death decisions.Purple Warriors