Having Passion for your Job and the Workplace by Michael Zeidenberg

passionSo who is responsible for creating or having the passion for your job? Do you love or hate your work environment? If you don’t enjoy your current role, why did you take the job in the first place? Better yet, why are you still there? When you first started your job, did you love it and then fall out of love with your role or the organization?

All interesting and very compelling questions… From my experience I believe most people start a new job because of several reasons.

  • They need to earn a living and took whatever job they could land
  • They obtained a role that interested them and they may actually have been passionate about
  • They took a role within a company because they admired what the company stood for and respected how the company was managed
  • They took a role within a company because they were inspired by the leadership and/or the products or services the company provided
  • They are using the role as a stepping stone and gaining specific work experience that they may not otherwise obtain
  • The job was given to them by a family member for whatever reason…..

I’m sure there are many other reasons; but frankly we all look for a role that we originally were trained for. Most of our training started in school; where we looked for things we could learn and perform well. Or we took on courses we thought we were passionate about or were interested in.  Or, perhaps your parents pushed you in a direction that they thought would be best suited for you. Ultimately, you realized it was not what you really wanted nor were you interested in.

But as time marches on, we find our path, it may be good, bad or we may be indifferent; but it is a path which provided us with a living. When we land that special role with a company, hopefully it is one that we also will enjoy. If it’s not, what do you or the organizational leadership do about it? How do you find or create the passion and enjoyment that you once envisioned or had when you first started?

I believe there are a number of techniques we as business leaders and team members can do to keep the environment exciting. The following can be addressed and implemented with very little cost but will require a great deal of thought.

  1. Most managers are not mind readers. If you as an employee are not happy at your job, speak up. Ask for help; let management know what your concerns and issues are. Create a list of job duties that are both satisfying and dissatisfying. This will help the management team (or HR) develop improvements on your role or work environment or help you find a new role that is more suited to you. Be careful, as you do not want to come across as a complainer. Think of things that are tangible and related to your role specifically and not driven by emotion.
  2. Company morale may be an issue along with a lack of inspiration. Typically this falls under the issue of leadership and the management team. I have found the best way to address this is through communication, team building and earning each other’s respect. To help move this process along it is helpful to have the team members be more involved in how the company operates. Look to the team for input, ideas and solutions. Providing incentives that are driven to cost savings or efficiencies will help with the motivation. Sometimes a simple surprise or a public “Thank You” for a job well done also goes a long way in boosting morale.
  3. Helping the team develop a higher sense of camaraderie and drive can be created through lunch and learn sessions. Learning something new during lunch will provide some motivation and growth which will equate to either some personal or business improvement and/or providing an improved service for the company.
  4. Team building sessions outside of the workplace can also help develop stronger bonds socially as well as in the work environment. This can also be tied into organizational planning so the cost can be justified.
  5. I also like to see the companies supporting a cause, whether it is environmental, social or whatever drives a high level of interest for the leadership and team members. Getting behind a cause will create a strong bond and help with the passion and enjoyment within the work environment.

At the end of the day, passion still comes from within. The leader and leadership team can only support the creations of the environment for you to enjoy. It is really up to you to make the most of your work environment. You need to understand yourself, what makes you happy, what your expertise is and where you see yourself. This thought process will help assess if you are on the right track. Answer those questions and you will be on a path of passion at home, at work and more importantly you will have a new passion for life.