Habits of Healthy People

by David Finkbeiner

Here are a few fitness/health habits we can slowly incorporate into our lives that may eventually bring about dramatic results.

Focus on short term fitness goals with an emphasis on completing daily exercise.

Enjoy contributing to the Health of others.

Keep a food journal.

Make it your goal to do some sort of exercise 6 to 7 days a week.

Move beyond the boundaries of weight loss and turn toward total fitness.

Invest in the right tools. (Home workouts do achieve greater results.)

Work to take your exercise to a new intensity.

Get an adequate amount of sleep.

Don’t compare your body to others.

The toughest one of all, limit caffeine and smoking.

Look at exercise as a Pleasure and Priviledge.

If you are not eating properly incorporate a multi vitamin or whole food supplement.

Get a friend or coach to help you along.

Eat a good breakfast and well balanced meals.

Water, water, water.

Use a premade schedule or calendar to track work done and progress.

Subscribe to fitness magazines to keep you focused on your way of life.

If your friends are not helping you, get new friends.  Look for friends who want to exercise and live healthy.

Don’t be afraid to try something new.

David Finkbeiner
Independent Team
Beachbody Coach