From the Publisher’s Heart


by Andrea Hartley

Is the world a better place because you are here?   If you ask yourself that question, even once, you are to be counted among those who care.  You care about others, you want them to be safe, happy and well.  You care about yourself, and want to make the most of your life by helping others in some way.  It makes you feel good to be able to say, “I’ve made the world a little better because….”

I see this wonderful mindset repeatedly with many of the women I connect with in the Lehigh Valley and it touches me deeply.   This month, in our, “From the Heart” column, ( a column that features women of the Lehigh Valley sharing their struggles and victories)  Julie Edgar has shared her story and I felt a powerful connection with her.  I know what it is like to be a single parent and short on funds, as she was.  I know what it is like to choose to  home school your children because you want to share your values with them and teach them things that they will not learn in school, as she did. I understand the value of pure, non-genetically modified food, renewable energies and treading more lightly on our Mother Earth, as she does.  And, I understand the dangers of Fracking.  I am so grateful to her for the energy she has chosen to invest in working to keep Pennsylvania  un-fracked..    She cares about the people, the animals and land as I do.  I know what it is like to be sickened by an environmental pollution because I was poisoned by a now-banned substance,  over 30 years ago.  This exposure still affects me today.  It caused me to develop Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and now I cannot be around perfumes, fragrances, and other chemicals without becoming ill, so I  must work from home.  I am grateful for the internet which makes that possible.

My passion is to inform and inspire, so that’s why I started the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal.  My goal is to promote those people and companies who, somehow,  make a difference in the world . I want people to know what you are contributing.   The  best vehicle to accomplish this is the internet.   One thing I have a difficult time understanding is how anyone can be bored.  There is so many ways that you can contribute either as a volunteer or in a business.   Just believe that you can and you are needed, then find your passion and go with it. Thanks to Julie, and all the others who are doing just that.


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