From the Publisher’s Heart, by Andrea Hartley

Andrea Hartley

I have been writing articles for over 20 years, but none have brought me to tears, until now.  Writing about eating disorders has been a very emotional experience for me.  No, I don’t have an eating disorder, but it touches my heart deeply that beautiful, talented women should not see themselves worthy of life and the pursuit of the their goals and dreams.  It may be an unconscious proclamation on their part, but that proclamation tragically haunts them and tries to posses them and take over their lives.  Happily, there is hope and recovery and two young women share with you from their experiences.  We, at Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and South Jersey Woman’s Journal are dedicated to provide our readers with resources and information which can help them retain or regain health.  If you have an eating disorder, or know someone who suffers from one, I hope the information we provide in this series of articles and links leads you, or your loved one, to the path of wellness.

I would also like to thank Tina Ercole LoBiondo, is the wife of Congressman Frank A. LoBiondo of New Jersey’s 2ndCongressional District and Realtor with Farley & Ferry Real Estate in Ventnor, NJ,  for sharing her touching story with us about her parents last days (in South Jersey Woman’s Journal) and how she would like to see the elderly receive health care. Also be sure to check out Lisa Drew’s recipe for a healthy snack our blog, SEO your diet.

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