From the Publisher’s Heart

Andrea Hartley

by Andrea Hartley

With spring comes new beginnings and Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal has also begun anew.  I am so pleased to present to you our new online magazine theme.  I think it is more spacious, easier to navigate and we have introduced many new features and blogs. It is much more interactive and we welcome your participation in the blogs.  Tell us about your favorite animal story and upload a photo of your favorite pet.  It’s a great way to honor our furry friends, both living and passed.  Share with others your inspiring miracle or make us laugh with your best dating story (here you may submit anonymously).  We will SEO your stories and who knows, yours may be the one that goes viral!  Special thanks to Fred Chapman, WordPress/IT Consultant at F.W. Chapman Solutions of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania for his help and Julia Johnson, of Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal and South Jersey Woman’s Journal, for assisting him.

It is also very exciting to be starting a sister publication-The South Jersey Woman’s Journal.  It will share some stories and ads with LVWJ; and have other stories and ads of interest to women of the South Jersey area, as well.  Just click the link above, in the header, to check it out.

Our mission  is to provide inspiring and informative articles of interest to women; as well as, help with SEO, SEM and social media for businesses and organizations.  Our unique magazines are one way that we can accomplish those goals.  Since  starting graduate school in January, I have learned much about search engine optimization, search engine marketing and social media.  I continue to learn more about this everyday and am excited to see the growth that this knowledge is leading to. As our business grows, we also desire to help our client’s businesses grow.  Above all, we are committed to providing stories and information to our readers that will inspire, inform and hopefully make a difference in their lives.

Our cover story about Wing Chun is also quite appropriate for spring, since “Wing Chun” actually means “endless springtime and new beginnings”.  It is quite meaningful to me that this form of martial art is said to have been created by a woman.  Check out our cover story to learn more about the art, and the woman who is credited with its creation.  Special thanks to Sifu David Shaman, Smiling Dragon Kung Fu, Northfield N.J. who inspired the article.

Until next month, wishing you health, harmony ad blessings!


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