For the love of Tight-Rope Walkers By Tina Olson Wilkins

Tight-ropeIf you are anything like me you spend a certain amount of time budgeting, money managing, and family-life balancing.

I walk on a tight rope with holes in the net below as the risk is high, but the rewards are great because there is a pleased audience at the end of the rope. They did not waste their time and resources on the clumsy attempts of a failed dancer. They do not see all of the foot work or the type of agility required to stand in the middle and smile to them reassuring them that it’s going to be fine and that you will cross to the end of that rope to ‘The Bottom Line.’

If you are at the end of your rope with ‘The Bottom Line’ and seek the personal success of improving the careful steps to crossing over, you are like me. You might find yourself very alone in practice because nobody believes in you anymore. They may say, “You are 40 years old you are too old to try that rope and I’m not going to watch you fall again. I can’t.

Each time you fall and each time you fell you stained my shirt with your bitter tears while I escorted you and protected your dignity from the booing audience.”

Like me, you are allowed to be weary of the solo performance. Are you good enough without the net of supporters? It is all on you if you fail…but… it is also all on you if you are determined succeed.


Philippe Petit Tight Rope Walk Between the Twin Towers 1974 Photo: AP Press

You might be different than me by having a Faith so great that does not worry about ‘The Bottom Line.’ Perhaps your net/net worth/foundation is so solid that a simple slip would only bounce you back stronger. Or perhaps it is part of the success of your act to fall only to be lifted by external supporters again and again.

Yet, despite our differences, we end up at the same show on the same rope with the same objectives. You are poised, positioned and practically practical. I am flawed, feverish, and fidgety. You are prepared and prepped, I am struggling to string two words together. You give me a side hug and say with confidence, “I will meet you on the other side at the Bottom Line.”

You are right. I will walk the line and break on through to the other side.