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Computer DatingWeird?

by Vici

Ok, so I am talking with this guy for the third time by phone.  Have not met yet.  He just gets done complimenting me saying I am attractive and smart, then he says to me “Are you weird?”.   I am wondering, “What does he mean by “weird’”.  I mean, “weird” means different things to different people.  Besides, what does he expect?  Am I going to say,  “Yeah, I am really weird, Joe,”?  He says, “These women I am meeting on the internet are really weird.”  I urge him for an example.  He says, “Well, one says she is a little overweight and we meet and she is huge, you know about 100 pounds overweight.”

I reply, “That’s not weird, that’s dishonest,”  wondering if he had requested a recent picture before the meeting.  Before I could ask, he says, “And another one told me she had gone out to dinner with a guy and when she got home he texted her and asked her to get on the computer with a camera.  When she did, he had exposed himself to her on camera, so she won’t meet anyone after dark.  Weird!”

I reply, “I don’t think that’s weird at all. ”  He says, “Well if you are riding a bike and fall off, you just get back up and ride”  I reply, ‘Yeah, and you be more careful next time when you see a pothole, you avoid it!”

Seriously, doesn’t he see that she did get back up and ride by talking with him and making plans to meet him?  Now I am wondering if HE is weird! Maybe, I’m weird for not telling him to bug off!

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  1. Maybe he thinks it’s weird because not going out at night is probably not the right approach to avoid people like that.

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