Fashion Column: How To Effectively Remove Fine Lines & Wrinkles – Professional Skincare vs. Drugstore Favorites, by Heather Rae Mitchell

heather rae mitchellNo matter how extensive your beauty regime might be fine lines and wrinkles can be awfully persistent. At some point you might start to wonder—are these wrinkle creams from CVS really working, or am I wasting my money? Perhaps you are considering a professional procedure but fear the cost will be too high, or the surgery too invasive. Thanks to advancements in technology affordably removing wrinkles without surgery is possible, in fact we offer a number of noninvasive procedures that remove fine lines and wrinkles, while also improving the overall look of your skin. Here we compare the benefits of buying wrinkle cream in bulk versus undergoing a non-invasive skincare procedure.

Do Wrinkle Creams Actually Work?

There are a number of skin products on the market that offer to clear up your wrinkles while you sleep at night, some of these products work better than others. One of these is ROC Anti-Wrinkle Cream, this popular skincare product uses Hexinol technology to reduce the natural effect aging bares on your skin. Other similar wrinkle creams, such as L’OREAL Age Perfect, add ingredients like vitamin C to put a natural healthy glow back on your face. So long as you take careful note of all ingredients, adding moisturizing nutrients to your skin can’t do any harm but it can start to wear on your pocketbook. Wrinkle creams can range anywhere from $20 to $400, and overtime this really starts to add up—often extending beyond the price for a longer-lasting cosmetic procedure. While these creams can include benefits, they cannot reduce or erase wrinkles as effectively as other treatments.

Non-Invasive Procedures That Offer Great Value

Certain procedures will take years off of your look, giving you a rejuvenated gorgeous glow without the pains of surgery—or the endless costs of new creams. Ultherapy is one of these procedures used to tighten skin on both the neck and face. FDA approved, this safe alternative to less wrinkles involves stimulating the collagen beneath your skin’s surface, which overtime results in firmer looking skin. Without any prep, a breezy procedure, and an easy recovery spanning 1-2 days at most, Ultherapy has earned the nickname ‘uplifting ultrasound’. Another similar procedure we offer to erase fine lines and skin damage is Clear and Brilliant, this laser treatment provides noticeably firmer skin within 4-6 sessions. Bonus perk: Clear and Brilliant also helps reduce pores size and prevent future wrinkles from developing.

You can skip the lasers and the creams all together and still look younger with Botox, Perlane (great for deeper wrinkles), and Restalyne. These injectable fillers can last up to a year, and do way more than a cream ever could. Since Botox actually freezes the muscles from contracting, wrinkles are hidden and unable to deepen. Restalyne can remove your wrinkles, plump up your lips, and add definition to your cheekbones at the same time, taking years off of your look immediately.

Does This Gloss Make My Lips Look Big?

Have you ever used a lip plumper, such as Sally Hansen Lip Inflation? If so you know the familiar tingling these products produce, and how little they actually enhance your lips. Sure a lip plumper can be moisturizing and look nice, but just like wrinkle creams they cannot produce the same look as a professional procedure, and over time the cost of purchasing them adds up quickly, and often unnoticed. For a noticeably fuller lip you can count on, Restalyne comfortably does the trick. Since you don’t have to go under the knife anymore to reduce wrinkles and plump your lips, there are better, more affordable options to re-engage your youthful look. You no longer have to waste your money at the drugstore loading up on products that may or may not make any difference, why risk it when real results are affordable and non-invasive?

How To Recapture Your Youth

Maintaining or recapturing your youthful glow is not achieved by using one beauty product or undergoing one small procedure, instead it is an accumulation of actions that make the largest impact. From the words of Dr. Victoria Karlinsky MD, “One of the ways to prep skin for the spring and renew it after the winter are beauty procedures such as New York City’s New Look New Life’s Clear & Brilliant. People often forget that skincare should go further than the creams and products they use on a regular basis. These are affordable methods for skin maintenance for the spring. Women want the glamorous look but often do not realize that these items should be worked in to an annual skin care regimen in order to achieve that goal.” Undoubtedly, drugstore skincare products can offer benefits, although for a truly younger complexion New Look New Life’s non-invasive professional procedures will safely remove years from your complexion, something drugstore products have yet to truly accomplish alone.

About Heather Rae Mitchell
Heather Rae Mitchell is a New York based established stylist, creative director, and image consultant known for her unique and creative style. As stylist, with a growing expertise in beauty, lifestyle, and fashion on an international level, she is becoming a dynamic part of the evolving fashion world.