Six Easy Steps to Finding Your Assistant


By Jessica Nonnemacher

Do you dream of your office running like clockwork?  No more overbooked days, no more “whoopzie’s!” and tasks falling through the cracks.  You have energy and focus on more important things to help your business grow, not just maintain.  Best of all, you’re able to recharge and spend free time with family and friends.

Fantasy?  Not at all!  Hiring a Virtual Assistant (VA) can be just what you need to get your business running smoothly and enjoying your life outside the office!

Hiring  a VA doesn’t have to be a complex process and IS something you can afford.  It’s a perfect way to “test the waters” of hiring a helping hand.  Your VA provides leadership and has the business skills necessary (as he or she is an entrepreneur themselves) and really provides valuable insight into helping you stay on track and GROW!  She lays the groundwork for you maybe affording to hire a full-time assistant one day.

If you can easily answer these six questions, perhaps you should consider interviewing a VA to help you succeed!

1)      Can you identify routine tasks that could be completed by someone else?

2)      What skills would your assistant need to possess?

3)      Are there personality traits and work styles that would mesh best with your business?

4)      How many hours do you imagine your assistant working?  How would it work?

5)      Do you think you can afford help?

6)      Are routine tasks not getting completed because you simply don’t have time?

Review your answers to the questions asked above and be honest…does it sound like you need help and may have thought about it more than you thought?

The Virtual Assistants at JAY Business Solutions are local, real people, who have experience as professional assistants in various industries.  They are already familiar and can easily adapt to different work environments.    Contact us today for your free consultation!