EMAIL Marketing 101

By Jessica Nonnemacher

Email marketing has many different forms now-a-days. It can be as comprehensive as an html template newsletter with a resource such as Constant Contact email marketing, or as simple as your signature line on the bottom of every email. Not familiar with either? Okay – then let’s start with the basics!

Have you ever received an email with no subject line, and a long complicated email address? Did you open it? With fears of computer viruses pumping through our veins, the answer is probably no…so then you should ask yourself, “is that me? Do I do that?”

If the answer is “yes”, then we need to review a few things which certainly hold true if you are dabbling in the new and ever increasing email marketing campaigns, which we’ll review in another article.

1. If possible, use an email address with your own business domain, i.e. Jessica@JAYBusinessSolutions. If you prefer using gmail, aol, yahoo, or any other free email provider – that’s fine, but consider using your company then as the address, i.e. This clear, concise email is easy to locate in an inbox and easy reference moving forward. My name will always be associated with my company.

2. Make sure your first and last name appear in the “from” field (not your company name). People do business with people, not companies. This is an instant rapport builder. People notice and it matters to them. This can be done in your email features setup.

3. Include a signature line! At minimum, it should include your full name, your business name, and even your full contact info to make it easy for people to find and capture into their own systems. Do you have a logo? Include it! A website? Yep, that too. The typed out version should be a hyperlink that directs back to your homepage so there is never confusion in finding it. Are you on facebook, linkedin, twitter? All of these applications have badges that you can easily import and attach to your signature line. It could be as simple as a clickable hyperlink too, if you think your signature line is getting too long. Making things convenient makes you easier to work with and to refer to.

These are such small details, but so crucial to one’s business. Double-check your own email addresses…when you make your information clear and easy to discern, you also make it easier for people to remember and recommend you. You never know when or why people want to learn more about you and your business, so don’t make it difficult!! That last person you emailed just may be your next big client or referrer!

Jessica Nonnemacher is Founder of JAY Business Solutions, a virtual assistant company providing outsourced administrative and marketing services.

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