EcoVillage NJ: Survey to Find out about Your Community Preferences


The Ecovillage New Jersey project has developed a survey in order to get a sense of what kinds of community characteristics our supporters are interested in. It’s a pretty extensive survey and we hope you’ll give it some quality-time attention — but, of course, you can answer just the questions that you find relevant or meaningful to you.

We think you’ll find it an interesting exercise. It might even help you clarify some of your thoughts and preferences regarding ecovillage living. Here’s a sample of some of the included questions:

* What are your principal expectations of an ecovillage or cohousing community?

* What are the three most important aspects of a community for you? Consider, for example, location, type of property, type of community, lifestyle, cost, community composition, etc.

* How would you best describe the kind of community you would want to live in? You might want to consider such factors as number of families, size of property, proximity to a city, diverse, farming, low environmental footprint, urban, rural.

One of the questions reads like this: “Have you lived in or visited a cohousing neighborhood, ecovillage, or intentional community before?”

“Visit” here could be broadly interpreted to mean perusal of a community’s web site. In fact, to get an orientation to help you make better-informed survey responses, we encourage you to take an hour or two beforehand to do some online research of existing communities — especially if you’ve never had the chance to actually visit one in-person. On the basis of that research the survey will ask you to write a few sentences about one or several existing communities that especially appeal to you and to cite the reasons why.

The survey can be accessed here:

Fran, Jonathan, Kelly, Steve, Victoria
Initial Planning Group — Ecovillage New Jersey project