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Wildlife habitat is shrinking throughout the U.S. and Florida panthers have been particularly hard hit. The fact that their habitat continues to shrink every day — gobbled up by strip malls, parking lots and other commercial development — isn’t good news.

The U.S. government must act NOW if we are to save the panther from extinction!

Panthers thrive in woodlands and swamps which have unfortunately shrunk to a small fraction of their historic acreage. We cannot afford to lose even one more panther because they are already critically endangered. We are in a race against time — will you help save these big cats?

As their habitat becomes increasingly fragmented, it will become impossible for panthers to stay out of harm’s way. Since they are an important top predator, losing them would cause an imbalance in the local ecosystem and eventually result in its collapse. However, if we act now, there is still a chance that these amazing creatures will be spared.

Please sign the petition urging the U.S. government to protect the last remaining Florida panthers!

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