Build Relationships with Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms

ETTM logoFounders of Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms, Lynette Barbieri and Vanessa Coppes share their passion for helping others and mentoring women, moms specially, on how to accomplish their personal and business goals.

The Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms, dubbed ETTM for short, presents a unique approach to networking. Barbieri and Coppes believe in building business through relationships and living life holistically, hence their 360º approach to everything they do. The “360º Lifestyle” consists of living life and building business from a place of authenticity, and not separating how you behave in your professional or personal relationships. “People connect to people. We believe that the faster you focus on connecting the dots between who you are and what you offer to others, the faster you build mutually beneficial relationships therefore bringing you business that serves you and your client and that feels really good,” Barbieri and Coppes explain.

ETTM creates experiences for women entrepreneurs to network with intention and mothers with young children are welcomed to attend while child supervision is provided on site during most of their meetings. They recently held their annual Women’s Day Celebration and are currently planning their Annual Business and Personal Development Conference: The Power of Connections 2014. Our women’s day celebration was a luncheon we held at the Radisson hotel in Freehold. we do this annually in May in honor of mothers day. We do not call it mother’s day because our group is for all women. moms or not, nobody is excluded. Women take very little time for themselves as you know, so we feel taking the day to celebrate being a women, taking the day for ourselves, is very  crucial. We all introduce ourselves around the table and say 1 word that explains how you feel and why you are thankful to be a woman. My word was passion for example. Then the ladies got a chance to mingle have a great lunch and build relationships which is the key to building any business! It all happens through The Power of Connections!

The group’s mission is to connect like minded women, network, build relationships, learn from and support each other. ETTM’s share experiences and ideas on time and stress management, personal and professional development workshops, the occasional recipe and much more. Barbieri and Coppes go on to explain that how they met is a testament to the saying that “Everything happens for a reason.” Barbieri had started the Entrepreneurial Think Tank for Moms as a way to connect local business owners to each other. Coppes had just moved to NJ and had just given birth to her second child. Coppes knew how important networking had been for building business in NY and with a new child and new area to source from, things looked very differently for her. She attended an ETTM meeting and they hit it off immediately!

Deciding to work smarter, not harder they partnered as they knew that together they could only serve their group and their community better. Rooted on social entrepreneurship, ETTM is in it’s second year and many amazing collaborations with companies and organizations like the United Nations, Staples, Macy’s and more have stemmed from gathering like minded women who support each other’s business and personal growth.We partner with these companies for the sole purpose of being able to add more value to our members. any exposure, or discounts and promotions we can offer them shows them how much we appreciate they are supportive members of ETTM.

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