Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, by Dr. Mary Onwuka M.D.

Mary OnwukaMany studies of synthetic hormone replacement therapy (HRPT) have raised major health concerns.  They show that women who took synthetic hormones had higher instances of cardiovascular disease, breast cancer as well as other side effects.  Conversely, studies on Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy (BHRT) show that with proper administration there is a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, a decreased risk of cancer and a decreased rate of osteoporosis.

The most popular and outspoken advocate of (BHRT) Suzanne Somers, writes in her book, Ageless about her own experiences.  She reports feeling more energy, looking better and having a better quality of life since beginning therapy about 9 years ago.  It is most notable that she is a breast cancer survivor for whom (HRPT) is contraindicated.   Without estrogen, your brain doesn’t work as well, and your bones can become brittle and prone to breaks unless you take a bone-building drug like Fosamax or Boniva. Keeping your hormone levels optimal will protect your brain and your bones.  It will also help  to ward off depression

BHRT uses hormones that are identical to human hormones and the dosage is customized for each individual patient with a goal of obtaining a hormonal balance.   The hormones used in HRT are not identical to human hormones, are not individually customized.  Balancing all the hormones is not the goal here. It is a one dose fits all kind of mentality.  The only goal is improved quality of life, but you can have improved quality of life without taking the risks associated with HRT

Hormone therapy is not just for women.  Men can derive great benefits as well, which we will discuss in our next article.

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