Beauty Column: What is the Current Trend in Hairstyling? Embrace Your Individuality, by Erin Cook

LVWJ Head ShotThis is, by far, one of the most frequently asked questions within the salon industry.  In this month’s beauty column, it seemed appropriate to begin addressing your beauty concerns by answering this commonly asked question.  Before offering you my insight on this question, however, I would love to take this opportunity to say Thank You to Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal for this opportunity to share my passion with you all!  As a Stylist of 12 years and a Salon Owner of almost 6 years, offering a monthly beauty column to the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal reading community, is such an exciting endeavor and a true pleasure.  Sending my gratitude to all for this platform to share my passion – Enjoy!

In my twelve years of being in this industry, this is truly one of the most unique hair periods I’ve had the pleasure of taking part in.  A time period where anything goes and natural beauty is being embraced and encouraged.  As a Hair Stylist, Salon Owner and Woman (with curly hair) – This is exciting!  The current trend within the beauty industry allows us, as professionals, and all of you, as women, to be creative and embrace your natural hair texture!  Yes – this, is very exciting! When I first began my career, the trends were relatively etched in stone, everyone wanted the same haircut – about shoulder length, straightened out and “flippy”.  Color requests, too, were relatively similar.  At the time, there wasn’t a lot of creativity within the realm of color techniques, highlighting was becoming more multi-dimensional, however, it was pretty basic.  Regardless of what natural hair texture clients had, the majority of requests were the same.  While the style was nice, it wasn’t for everybody.  Neither were the color and highlighting techniques, at the time.  However, it was the current trend, so everyone was pretty much on board.  It was to a point where I was capable of cutting that style in my sleep, due to the repetitious requests!  With that being said, today’s trend, or lack of – is a welcome change within our industry!

While there are still “trending” styles and techniques, they are more individually inspired!  The beauty industry has truly begun embracing all hair textures, which is hugely important! The industry has evolved!  It is innovative! It is creative! And most importantly, we have turned a corner in recognizing that not everyone should have the same haircut, style or color.  Not everyone can have the same haircut, style and color.  It simply wouldn’t appear natural or realistic for women to duplicate at home.  Plus, we’d all look the same – and, who wants that! There are way too many factors to account for when determining the best overall look for each individual.  What looks and feels the best for you, may not be what looks and feels the best on me.  And visa versa.  Finally, the beauty industry recognizes this fact and offers an array of ideas, techniques and solutions for every day hairstyling needs!  Lifestyles are also taken into account more now than ever.  As salon professionals, we genuinely want your hair to be one of the worry-free aspects of your day.  With women juggling so many responsibilities, it is important that you are able to duplicate your style at home.  With the correct hair services, whether it is a new haircut or a color technique, your hair should not be one of the struggles within your day to day life.  The beauty industry has also embraced this fact, as well!

Within the realm of haircutting, we see all hair lengths being accepted – from waist line hair lengths to short pixie cuts.  Bangs, whether they are full, side-swept or fringy – also all accepted.  The catch?  Modernizing traditional haircuts.  A “softer” approach has been taken on haircutting.  Softening layers to create more movement.  Softening perimeters of shorter hairstyles to encourage a more feminine look.  On the flip side, however, we often see more structure in haircutting.  Haircuts, such as the inverted bob, encourage more of a structured style.  However, once again, it is typically softened around the face and the layers are softened throughout the “bob”, which encourages movement throughout the style while maintaining the structured style. Other structured haircuts are also being encouraged, whether blunt or textured, for the edgier client base.  These haircuts are often offered as a modernized “classic” style and often partnered with dimensional coloring techniques.  In either case, there are an array of texturizing techniques that have proven to be critical in contouring haircuts to facial structure and customizing haircuts for each individual client, as well their lifestyles.

Trending color techniques are currently very broad, as well.  All over colors are ranging from a natural tones to very bold colors, while highlighting techniques are ranging from soft and natural colors and placement to bold colors, the ombre’ and block coloring techniques, are also on the rise.  Multi-dimensional coloring and highlighting techniques are here, and most likely, here to stay! Diverse color tones are accepted in today’s era of the beauty industry, as well as society’s standards; Blonde tones, both golden (warm) and beige/ashe (cool) are widely desired and accepted, as are colors as bold as coppers, reds and intense colors of each shade are also growing more and more popular.  This wide range of coloring techniques offer dimension to all haircuts and are a great solution in accentuating skin tones and eye color!  Once again, customizing to each individual client is key in this area, as well.  This is one of the most creative and exciting color eras the beauty industry has ever seen!

The other key component to enhancing your hairstyle and natural hair texture is proper hair product selections.  Home hair care products have come such a long way, with a lot of products leaning more and more towards maintaining the integrity of your hair.  Many now going in the direction of natural-based ingredients, which is creating a hair care revolution!

Words of advice when choosing a hairstyle or color – please ditch the misconception that your choices are restricted by your age!  You do not have to go shorter or lighter with age.  In fact, often times we see the exact opposite effect.  Also, proper consultations are critical when entering a salon and working with a stylist!  Especially, if it is your first time visiting and working with that particular stylist.  Your lifestyle, facial shape, skin tone and hair texture should always be taken into account.  Always.

I hope you enjoyed our first “Inspired By Beauty” column!  Hoping you were able to take an “Ah-Ha” moment out of what I’ve shared with you this month! To keep this monthly column interactive and relay information that you feel is most beneficial, we will be adding an “Ask Erin” feature next month.  Please feel free to email the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal at to ask your questions and I’ll do my best to answer your questions as we receive them.

Thank you, once again, for this opportunity to share my passion with you all!  Looking forward to next month!

Warm Regards,
Erin Cook
Master Stylist/Owner
Inspired By You LifeStyle Studio