Beauty Column: Flawlessly Transition into Autumn By Erin Cook

LVWJ Revised Head Shot_JuneWelcome back to our September “Inspired By Beauty” column!  As Summer is coming to a close and we are transitioning into Autumn, I felt it was only appropriate to offer some Beauty tips to assist you through a flawless seasonal transition!  Hoping that you had an opportunity to relax, unwind and make some new memories with your loved ones this Summer.

I hope that you have been enjoying our “Inspired By Beauty” column, as it always a pleasure sharing my passion and voice with the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal reading community!  Sending my gratitude to all for this opportunity! Also, as a friendly reminder, we would love to extend an interactive approach to our beauty column by offering an “Ask Erin” feature.  Simply email your beauty questions or respective areas of interest to and we will do our best to address each email on an individual basis in the following month’s column.  I would love to hear from you!

With Summer winding down, which usually means a decrease in humidity – we must address how to manage your lovely locks as we transition into the Autumn months!  One of the most common complaints this time of year is that our hair feels dull, dry, brittle, washed out, frizzy – Essentially, your hair has fallen victim to the summer sun, saltwater, pools and most likely – faded color.  No worries, my friends – Please allow me to offer you some solutions.

Introduce Warm Autumn Colors:

hairIf your overall style feels dull, washed out, dry – It may be less of a condition issue as it is a color issue.  Often times, the tendency is to go lighter in the summer months with highlights and all over color adjustments.  However, once the chemical enhanced pool water, the salt water and the sun take their toll on your color – you are left with what appears dry, brittle and damaged hair.  While, the overall condition of your hair can certainly shift over the summer months, nine times out of ten, the true issue is the fact that our color has been altered so drastically – that it creates the illusion of damaged, dull hair.

My advice – Add in some warmer, deeper tones for Autumn!  Regardless of your current base color, at this precise moment, there are so many color options available to add tone and vibrancy back into your hair color!  Anytime you add a tonal value to color, your hair will automatically restore its vibrancy and luster!  Lowlighting techniques are an ideal solution for women wanting to add tone and warmth, without the commitment of overall color.  All over color can also be utilized in efforts to add depth, tone and vibrancy to any color!  Regardless of your choice to add lowlights or to adjust your overall color – the range of warm tones can vary between warm caramel or golden blonde tones, to variations of warm, chestnut browns, all the way to the many shades of red!

Just remember – As you adjust your hair color, especially when going from light, cool tones to deeper, warm tones – it is very important to adjust your make up colors, as well.  Depending on how drastic the change, you may just need to reconsider your lip color.  I usually deepen and neutralize my blush and lip color when transitioning my hair color from Summer to Autumn.  Since I usually go with a deeper red tone, I neutralize my blush color and choose either a nude/shimmer lip gloss (for everyday wear) or a deep, red-brown (raisin) lip color, for something a little more drastic.

Adding depth and warmth to your hair color will instantly enhance your natural skin pigment and eye color.  Usually with an extra pop of color within your hair, it is best to neutralize your make up choices slightly – just to be sure that all of your colors are not competing and overwhelming your natural skin and eye tones, as well as your natural beauty!


Condition, Condition, Condition:

I cannot properly express how important this one is!  With the humidity gradually backing out of the air – our hair, skin and nails tend to lack moisture as we transition into the Autumn and Winter seasons.  Now is definitely not the time to skip using conditioner on your hair.  Also, a leave-in conditioner and/or conditioning cream is ideal!  Please allow me to caution you against products that are high in alcohol content, as this will only add fuel to the fire – where your hair’s overall health is concerned.  Many over-the-counter gels, mousse and hairsprays are very high in alcohol.  It may be best to discuss hair care products with your Stylist – They should be able to point you in the right direction in order to find homecare products that will best benefit your hair texture and needs.  Also, most salons have conditioning treatments that will help assist in replenishing your hair’s moisture, evening out PH levels and adding protein back into your hair – all of which, helps to correct the overall porosity of your hair.  Conditioning treatments are usually an add-on service inside of the Salon, however, are well worth the investment (average price of $15) in restoring your hair’s natural beauty and overall health. 

Flawless Hair Styles:

Contrary to popular belief, many of our guests cut their hair come the Autumn months!  Many assume that the majority of women cut their hair in the beginning of Summer, however, Autumn cuts are more common than Summer cuts!  Our guests usually come in this time of year, after allowing their hair to grow throughout the Summer months – And request a Hair-CUT!  Whether their main focus was to grow out the layers, or the overall length – By this point, it is usually hanging and too long to style.  Everyone is, once again, back into the full swing of work, school events, meetings and reality.  So, this typically goes hand-in-hand with the banning of ponytails and clips – We all resume styling our hair!  This usually results in our guests requesting shoulder to above-shoulder lengths with soft movement, which typically means some element of layering or texturizing.  Or both.  There are so many beautiful options available right now! Styles range far and wide from classic bobs to inverted bobs, long-layered cuts, to shags of all variations, all the way to short pixie cuts!  If you are considering transitioning your Style for Autumn, please be sure to speak with your Stylist to discuss the many options that are currently trending in our industry!  There are no haircuts that are completely “out of style” currently, as long as they are coupled with a modern twist of soft, natural movement!  Styling products are also so advanced and specifically made for all hair types and textures, assisting in flawless hair styling!

As always, I do recommend discussing these options with your Stylist.  There are many Autumn color and styles available to you, also an array of conditioning products, both in-salon and for home use, that will assist you in achieving your desired look – allowing you to flawlessly transition into Autumn with an updated and vibrant new look!  Looking for a little inspiration?  Here are a few samples of our recent work, of varied colors and styles.
IBY LogoIf you are in need of assistance with your hair and/or are in need of a Stylist – We are more than happy to offer you a complimentary consultation at Inspired By You LifeStyle Studio.  “Where average service is not good enough and extraordinary service is just the beginning.”  We are located at 50 East Broad Street in Bethlehem, PA.  Please feel free to contact us at 610.419.8819 or email us at  It would be our pleasure to work with you!

I hope you have found this month’s article informational and inspiring to add warmth and vibrancy into your lovely locks this Autumn!  If you have any questions or need assistance, I’m always happy to assist you.  Email the Lehigh Valley Woman’s Journal directly at and direct your question to the “Ask Erin” feature of our “Inspired By Beauty” Column.

As always, it has been a pleasure sharing my passion with you all and I’m looking forward to next month! Be well and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Warm Regards,

Erin Cook

Master Stylist/Owner

Inspired By You LifeStyle Studio



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