BeanBath Cafe

by Andrea Hartley

     Did you know that coffee beans bathe?  Well, maybe they don’t exactly, but  bathing the beans is an important part of the harvesting process.  So when you open a cafe that combines a metropolitan coffee house with a unique approach to breakfast and lunch in the town of Bath, you come up with an unique name like,” BeanBath Cafe”.  The owners, Christopher and Lyn Colvin  liked the play on words.

Colvin described his breakfast and lunch menu as ‘unique’ because the food is not processed food.  “For example, in the making of our hollandaise sauce we use real eggs instead of powdered ones and real butter.  We also squeeze  whole lemons to make our lemon juice.   Our chefs begin preparing food for the day first thing in the morning,”  he said.  Some of the sandwich and salad dishes  may also contain a Tunisian hot chili sauce or candied walnuts.

“Our ‘San Bruno’ double decker club sandwich is stacked with ham, turkey, bacon, two kinds of cheese and avocado slices,”  he said. “and we offer a full range of espressos, coffees, frappes, fresh fruit smoothies, and Italian sodas, which is a drink made from crushed ice and flavored syrups.”

The freshly roasted beans come from Metropolis Coffee Company of Chicago.  “Every week, we order it on Sunday, they roast it on Monday and we get it by Wednesday.” Colvin said.

Colvin’s wife Lyn,  the head chef, says she LOVES cooking.   The training she received  from Northhampton Community College Culinary Arts Program has enabled her to create tasty and appealing dishes.   “I care about the people I cook for and I will often go out to their table to make sure that they are pleased with the food,”  she said.  “I also enjoy making the food look pretty.  You should look at food and want to eat it.”

Colvin’s goal is to have an inviting environment which would encourage people to be comfortable while eating.  Large windows reveal miles of rolling hills that surround the cafe.  There are flat-screen televisions, leather sofas and an artist’s gallery.

You can eat breakfast all day at BeanBath.  “Our most popular dish is our Eggs Benedict,” the Colvins said.

BeanBath Cafe is located at 2425 Plaza Court north of Bath in Moore Township and is open from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m from Monday, Thursday and 6:00 to 3:00 p.m. on Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

Directions: From downtown Bath head north on North Walnut Street/Moorestown Drive/RT512 for two (2) miles until you reach Plaza Court on the right. You will see Moorestown Mall just off RT512 and BeanBath Cafe is located at the far end. We are 3/10’s of a mile north of the Southmoore Golf Course.
2425 Plaza Court
Bath, PA 18014