Hope by John Stevens

hope-heroMy daughter asked me where I was going this evening. I said I was going to “Celebrate Recover” meeting to give a talk on HOPE.  She asked, “what are you recovering from dad?’  I told her” My name is John and I am a recovering parent.”  She was rather amused.

Hope. When all is going well and the world seems to be heading your direction… you maybe don’t need hope or think about hope very much. If you do it might be rather superficial as in “I hope I get to work on time”. Personally, right now, “I hope I can get through this talk on hope.”

When life puts you through a trial by fire and all seems hopeless in the eyes of man, when all is burned away such as pride, selfishness, lust, ( insert your favorite hang up here)… all that is left is hope and faith. For me pride evaporated. I had and still have a bumper sticker which says “Proud parent of an O’Leary Junior high student.” The bumper sticker has faded into near nothingness now but it is a reminder of what was left for me. Hope and faith were still standing tall. Pride faded into the past and hope refreshes the vision of the future.

Hopes in our past are probably gone or maybe faded like the bumper sticker. We must look for new hope from Jesus’ words and His life. We must base our hope on Him, live in Him, trust in Him and never give up.

Most of my life, I have been the type who could fix things. Then the reality that my youngest daughter was broken and I could not fix her nearly shattered my life. As hard as we may try we can not live someone else’s life for them. Alcohol and drugs had apparently triggered bi-polar tendencies and she went from a straight A student to a total failure in a matter of months. It was very difficult to understand or even accept that this was happening to our family. For some time the guilt factor was rather great. Where did we go wrong? Why is this happening to OUR family?

The next two years spun totally out of control. Counseling and therapy seemed to make the situation worse. I remember saying in one session, “I feel as if she is on the other side of a glass wall. There is a door in the wall but there is no handle on my side to open it. As I pound on the door, she is bleeding to death and she will not or can not open the door and let me in to help her.” I felt helpless and there was little hope. Life as we knew it was slipping away and it would never be the same again.

Skip forward to May 6, 2003. At work, I received a call from a credit card company and they ask, “did you make such and such purchases? No.” They put a stop on all activity on the card. I went home and found my card in my daughter’s room. I told her to get dressed we are going to take a ride. She got some clothes on and we went down to the Sheriff’s office. A couple hours went by as we sat on a bench and waited. Our hearts sank as we watched her taken out of the sheriff’s office in chains to juvenile detention.

This was the turning point of hope. It was going to be a promise of new hope or a train wreck. It all depended on the decisions she would make in changing her life style. There was a light at the end of the tunnel and I hoped it was not an oncoming train. After 20 days of detention and another 30 days house detention, we made a trip to the Walker Center where she would spend the next 30 days. It was not an easy 30 days and there were some very tense moments. About 3 weeks into the 30 days, there were three intense days of family sessions. On the second day of the family sessions at the Walker Center, we were on our way home and for the next two hours, I felt compelled to write this piece. I could not stop writing. It just flowed out of the pen from the interaction with parents and our children.

“My Name is ______.
I am a Dopeless Hope Addict.”

Life seemed to suck.
The pain seemed so real.
The drugs seemed so easy
To change what I did feel.

At first it seemed to help
To cover up the pain.
But the sucking sound I heard
Was my life, down the drain.

The hole I found myself in
Got deeper by the day.
Hope seemed to fade from me
That help was on the way.

The help I sought and found
Was the “friends” who got me here.
Those who had the pot, the meth,
The drugs and the beer.

The family I once had loved,
Seemed distant from me now.
My love had turned to hate
By the love of drugs somehow.

The hole caved in on me
From a distance I could hear.
“We loved her, Oh so very much”
“We failed her. Somehow my Dear.”

They pulled me from the darkest hole
I, myself, had dug.
And took me into their arms
To rescue me from drug.

The days turned into many weeks.
My head began to clear,
To see the ones who really love me.
My hate was not so near.

A cloud of doubt and guilt rained down
For the things I had done.
Soon love returned to fill my heart
Where once the drugs had won.

Forgiveness came from those who loved,
To me, for the many years.
For the pain and sorrow I had caused
To them, through many tears.

A group of families gathered ’round
With love so great for me.
I soon discovered through the tears
Their abundant love was free.

I felt the love of those who care.
I learned to love again.
To care once more for what I’d lost.
To trust and live within.

When temptation comes to my door
To offer me a high.
Let Love instead answer the knock
And with Serenity say – goodbye!

This story has not ended. It will continue for a life time. Life is about choices we make on a daily basis. It dictates what we will possibly do tomorrow based on what we do today. Life is built on choices. The end of the story will be written when we meet the One who loves us unconditionally. The One who died on the Cross for us.

Love triumphs over adversity when God is in it. In the vernacular of Lola of “Charley and Lola “Never, never, never, ever give up” must be the words to live by. Progress is made even when there are two steps forward and one step back. Thank God for the progress. Hope lives on in the hearts of those who trust Him.

A strange feeling set in during the time she was in detention and a ward of the court. We could sleep at night. We knew she was in a safe place and not running in the drug culture. It meant we would not get a call in the middle of the night to identify her body. It was the first time in a long time we could breathe.

On Father’s Day that year, my daughter wrote me a two page letter, a beautiful letter saying she understood why we did what we did. I treasure this letter. Tough love does not get any tougher. It was very tough on us. Most every night the last few years when I go to bed and she is awake, I hear this little voice as I pass her bed room, “Goodnight Daddy, I love you.” “I love you too, Sweetheart.” It melts my heart every time.

As I lay my head on the pillow my thoughts most every night are, “thank you Father for this day. Thank you for my daughter, thank you for letting us be her parents.” And with that, all is well in the world.
Faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love. Without love there would in all likelihood not be very much faith and hope hanging around. God’s love for us is so great, how can we not give our love to our children and each other, unconditionally, as an extension of His love for us? The story of the prodigal son was ever on my mind. A story of never ending love and hope on the part of the Father.

My hope is in the eternal Jesus who has promised to never leave me or forsake me.

I can not imagine living my life without hope. I can not imagine living without the love of God.

Spring of 2002 unraveled for a friend of mine. His wife got sick, his mother came out to help them and she had heart failure and died in the hospital one floor below where his wife was located. A month later his wife died, he lost his job, a vertebrae in his neck deteriorated, his insurance evaporated. It was Job all over again. We spent many hours of many days trying to make sense of his situation. It seemed pointless. Absolutely hopeless. I can remember a cold fear pouring over me. There was nothing I could do to help him.

I wrote a piece called “Hope for Tomorrow” a couple months later that reflected his loss and my loss when my mother died 1991. Writing is therapy for me. Writing puts on paper a reminder of where I am at that time. The words of this piece points to the loss of a loved one but the thoughts can translate to any loss.

Hope for Tomorrow

My heart was so heavy
With sadness and sorrow.
The day was so dark
I could not see tomorrow.
Hope seemed so dim
Through the tears that I cried.
I could not see You Lord
The day that she died.

I remembered Your promise
To be by my side.
For always You’re with me
In You I abide.
In the midst of the darkness
Your hand touched my soul.
You drew me so close
And made me whole.

There are times that I cry
Alone with just me.
When the silence comes crashing
Like a storm-troubled sea.
There are times that I laugh now
When I remember the years.
That we shared together
Through the good times and tears.

The peace oh Lord
The memories You bring.
Fills my life with hope
Make my heart strings sing.
Draw me close to Your side
And lead me gently on.
Give me hope for tomorrow
Till the dark turns to dawn.
Open my heart Lord
Let out the sorrow.
Pour in your spirit
And hope for tomorrow.
I need Your touch Lord
On my heart this hour.
Fill me with Your love
With Your healing power.


I hope these thoughts I have shared with you have been an encouragement to your heart. I hope you will have a renewed resolve to never give up but keep taking baby steps forward as you make your journey with Jesus through this life. Now from the words and wisdom of Lola, “I will never, never, never, ever give up Charley.”

Grandma’s Sunshine by John Stevens


Sunshine comes in many forms.

–  –  –  –  –  –
That which come up in the morning
and goes down at night.
And little girls who
are Grandma’s De-light.
–  –  –  –  –  –
She rises in the morning
sometimes cloudy,
sometimes bright,
but always Grandma’s De-light.
–  –  –  –  –  –
Sometimes she rains tears
torrential they may pour
but comforted by the voice
of the One who loves her so.
–  –  –  –  –  –
Sometimes she shines bright
the warmth of hugs and smiles.
Love overflowing in the heart,
it’s all Grandma’s De-light.
–  –  –  –  –  –
Love is forever and always
whether its stormy or bright.
Love covers all situations
For all is Grandma’s De-light.
–  –  –  –  –  –
Sunshine’s  Eyes and Smiles
Light up the world around her.
Creating more smiles in their eyes
when first they did find her
–  –  –  –  –  –
When Grandma’s day is gloomy
Sunshine arrives with much to say
with happy stories, hugs and smiles
to brighten up the cloudiest day.
–  –  –  –  –  –
When Sunshine goes to bed
it usually can be said
Sunshine’s eyes cease to gleam
when energy’s gone, time to dream.
–  –  –  –  –  –
Eyes close and all is well
in Sunshine Land I do tell.
Grandma’s De-light in peaceful sleep
The day is over, it will keep.
–  –  –  –  –  –
She is after all
Grandma’s Sunshine.


11-01-2014 (c)
John Stevens

Written by request of Grandma
Sunshine is five.
Going on fifteen.

After its World Premiere in Philadelphia, Then Athena returns to Allentown by Robert Moyer


Allentown Public Theatre unveils a playfully dark fantasia of woman-warriorship.

ALLENTOWN: This past September, Allentown Public Theatre staged the world premiere of the new play Then Athena as part of the 2016 Philly Fringe Festival. This November, the show will make its Lehigh Valley debut at the Allentown Art Museum of the Lehigh Valley.

athen3Then Athena is brave and brazen, campy and critical,” said one Philadelphia critic. Devised as a raw collaboration between five different professional theatre artists, Then Athena intercuts stories of fourteen women characters – some historical, some from pop culture, some completely new – as they confront the fraught identity of “heroine” in modern American mythologies. “The four creators deliver compelling performances throughout, each managing to find moments where they individually shine brightest,” said one Philadelphia reviewer. Now, the five artists return to their home to perform the piece in Allentown.

Performed by actor/writers Samantha Beedle, Holly Cate, Louise Howard and Anna Russell, and directed by Troy Dwyer, Then Athena is an experimental suite of work created in the spirit of European avant-garde devised theatre. “Because the performers are also the playwrights, we’re channeling stories tailor-made for our bodies,” says Russell, who is also Allentown Public Theatre’s Artistic Director. “This kind of work isn’t done much in the United States. These are the characters we want to embody, because we weren’t seeing their stories told justly anywhere else, if at all.”

Dwyer underscores the political urgency of Then Athena as a distinctly American endeavor. “On the one hand, the U.S. seems progressive when it comes to the intersection of gender and valor. Military combat roles for women and transpeople are opening. Come November, a woman might lead the nation. But on the other hand, so might Donald Trump. It’s that Trumpish ‘Miss USA’ notion of valor that makes us want to fight. And we fight with art.”

And there is both “fight” and “art” in Then Athena. “We’re costumed in military-style clothing,” says Cate. “And yes, we carry prop weapons, including assault rifles. But they’re all painted bright red. There is a ‘performance art’ feel.” But there is also humor, much of it supplied by stand-up comic Samantha Beedle, who plays a variety of roles. “It’s easy just to feel rage when you realize how the stories of women heroes are undervalued. I think that’s where I come in handy. Artists like Anna [Russell] just see red. I crack jokes. But trust me, they kill.”athen2

Ranging from dark to darkly-humorous, the stories portray a wide variety of American women of all ages, and from all backgrounds. “I’m 64,” says Howard, “and it’s refreshing to be able to write and perform from my life experience, but also to stretch myself. I play an Army General in a minefield in Afghanistan, a wannabe Wiccan who communes with ancient goddesses, and even a comic book supervillainess battling Wonder Woman. I also get to sing a little country and Western number. It’s a feast.”

According to one Philadelphia critic, the success of Then Athena is “…as much a testament to the acting as it is the script,” featuring “…text that is at once poetic and natural, which gives the women multiple meaty characters to portray with aplomb.”

Then Athena is fast with a lot of unexpected twists and turns,” says Dwyer. “I’ve never worked on anything quite so sharp, shocking and personal. It’s unapologetically feminist, cutting-edge and funny. And even though it’s imaginary, and reaches into history and mythology, it breathes with the real souls of the women who created it. In that way, it’s far from pretend. It’s happening right in front of you, a real confrontation of real heroines.”


Roberta Moyer, Managing Director


610-217-0850 cell

This Year’s Humane Society Hero Dog is from Lehigh Valley–Upcoming feature on Judge the Lab

judgeYou may have heard of the American Humane Society’s Hero Dog Awards.  Did you know that one of this years’ winners – a 7-year-old yellow lab named Judge – is from the Lehigh Valley? Judge has worked with the Allentown Fire Department Arson unit since 2011. He was chosen for his hard work investigating over 275 fire scenes and making the entire Lehigh Valley and neighboring communities more aware of fire and life safety. His investigation, deterrent and education work has even resulted in multiple criminal arrests and civil penalties for insurance fraud cases.

Because of this, RCN Lehigh Valley will be airing a RCN TV Community Spotlight featuring Judge and his handler, Chief Laubach. The special will air on Sunday, October 16 at 9:30pm; Sunday, October 23 at 9:30pm and can be accessed On Demand anytime following the initial airing. RCN TV can be found on Channel 4 (SD) or 1004 (HD).

The AHS Hero Dog Awards ceremony will air on the Hallmark Channel on Friday, October 28. RCN Lehigh Valley customers can find the Hallmark Channel on channel 251 (SD) andchannel 1251 (HD).

Lehigh Valley’s FireRock Productions Wins Two Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Awards

Lehigh Valley’s FireRock Productions
Wins Two 2016 Emmy® Awards
Emmaus video production team pushes lifetime awards total to seven
firerockEMMAUS, PA (September 25, 2016) – FireRock Productions won two 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional Emmy® Awards categories from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences on September 24, 2016 to push their overall claim to seven.
The Emmaus-based video production company took home awards in the Magazine Program/Special and Craft Achievement categories.
Full awards include:
Magazine Program/Special:
“Nazareth: Resonating Through Time” – Paul Luongo, Producer; Liz Keptner, Producer; Casey Feinberg, Writer; Julia Urich, Director; Rocky Urich, Director of Photography; Carlo Acerra, Associate Editor; and Hillary Carrigan, Associate Producer
Craft Achievement:
Photographer – Program: Rocky Urich
The Emmaus-based video production company is owned and operated by the husband and wife team Rocky and Julia Urich.
FireRock Productions has been nominated for Emmy® awards nineteen times, and has won five times prior to this year.
About FireRock Productions
FireRock Productions is a full-service video production company located in the Lehigh Valley run by the husband and wife team of Rocky and Julia Urich. Rocky received an Associate’s degree in Radio/TV, and a specialized degree in multimedia from Northampton Community College. He later graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in TV/Film from DeSales University. Julia earned her Bachelor of Arts in both Theater and Music from Muhlenberg College. Together, they have won multiple Emmy® Awards, Telly Awards, ADDY Awards, and were honored for Excellence in Business by the Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber.
Julia Urich, Owner
FireRock Productions
Emmy® Award-Winning Video Production!

Young Entrepreneurs Seek Lehigh Valley for Startup Success by Paul Hodges

In searching for the ideal startup and living climate, three young entrepreneurs chose the Lehigh Valley as their new home and launchpad


paul-h10/11/16, BETHLEHEM, PA: After graduating college and faced with the question “what’s next?”, the answer was obvious to the three young men – develop this company they had been discussing for quite some time. However, due to the gravity and reality of their college loans, they were forced to move back to their homes to help lessen the weight of the costs they had just accumulated. But home had three very different geographic meanings for the three young men. It was obvious that if they were to continue developing their company, they would have to decide on a single location to call their home and headquarters.

Such a big decision would require some serious research so the three began meticulously combing through all the statistics and reviews they could find. The criteria they were basing their decision on included three important values – location, cost of living and opportunity/ investment climate. As they continued researching the possible next locations to build their company and lives in, the choice was becoming more and more obvious – the Lehigh Valley. The Lehigh Valley has all three and it continues to be reflected in their lives says Soltech Solutions’ Co-founder Michael Planer. “Opportunity is everywhere here, whether you’re looking to start a company in one of the many business incubators or just looking to entertain friends and family on weekends – it’s all here, and at an affordable price. Commuting for meetings in Philadelphia and New York is a regular occurrence while growing our company and we’re lucky to have both major cities so close, but even better is being able to come home to Bethlehem.”paul-h2

It’s been a year and a half since moving to Southside Bethlehem, and Paul Hodges, 25, Mike Planer, 26 and Chris Clark, 26,of Soltech Solutions all agree it’s been
nothing less than ideal. Living on 3
rd Street and working out of the Hatchhouse Ventures business incubator on 4th Street, the three agree that you can’t deny the remarkable sense of community and support of enterprise the Lehigh Valley offers. “It’s communities like this that keep the American Dream alive”, says Chris.

Soltech Solutions has officially launched their Kickstarter campaign for their revolutionary grow light, the Aspect. The Aspect is the first LED grow light developed specifically for interior design, allowing you to grow any plant – anywhere, while aesthetically enhancing any indoor space. With the Aspect, you can comfortably grow anything, from a pineapple to fresh spices to an avocado tree, anywhere throughout your home or office.

The Kickstarter is viewable on www.stsln.com

About Soltech Solutions LLC: Operating out of Bethlehem, PA, Soltech Solutions is a young startup that develops green and energy efficient products to enhance your daily life. Together they have years of experience in the fields of energy engineering and environmental science and continue to design and handcraft their product lines with the mission of helping you live healthier and happier.


Paul Hodges, Co-founder

Phone: (484) 821-1001

Email: paulhodges@stsln.com

Twitter: @SolTech


YWCA Bethlehem’s Designer Handbag Bingo event


Bethlehem, PA:  YWCA Bethlehem invites the community to join in a fun afternoon of Designer Handbag Bingo to be held at Kirkland Village on Sunday, October 23rd.  Doors will open at 1:00 p.m., with games starting at 1:30 p.m.  Fifteen rounds of play will feature new designer purses including Vera Bradley, Nine West, Coach and other quality brands.



Proceeds from the Designer Handbag Bingo will benefit the YWCA’s racial justice activities including diversity education programs for children, “study circles” for teens and “dinner dialogues” for adults.  YWCA racial justice activities encourage thoughtful discussion about race, prejudice, diversity, tolerance and community issues.


The Handbag Bingo will be limited to approximately 100 players. Pre-registration is encouraged. Tickets are available on-line atwww.ywcabethlehem.org for $20 each, or by calling 610-867-4669 x104. Tickets will be available at the door for $25 each on a first-come, first-served basis. Boards for special rounds and tickets for a tricky tray will be available for purchase.


Jen Wanisko

Director of Empowerment Center & Development

YWCA of Bethlehem

NEPA BlogCon Announces Blog of the Year Award Winners

nepaNEPA BlogCon is proud to announce its winners of the 2016 Blog of the Year Awards! Nominated by and voted on by members of the greater Northeastern Pennsylvania community, these award-winning bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers represent the growing community of digital influencers and communicators in our region.
Blog of the Year Award certificates will be awarded this coming Saturday at NEPA BlogCon, the region’s first blogging and social media conference, now entering its 5th year.
Also, as members of the press, we’d love to invite you to this year’s NEPA BlogCon on Saturday, October 15 at Penn State Worthington-Scranton. If you’re interested in attending with a press pass, please let me know and we’ll get you set up!
Any support you can give us in helping us spread the word is very much appreciated.
Thank you for your time and consideration!


NEPA BlogCon Announces Blog of the Year Winners

NEPA BlogCon is excited to announce winners of the 2016 Blog of the Year Awards. Winners of 13 categories including favorite blogs, vlogs, and podcasts will be awarded with the coveted Blog of the Year title for their respective category, at NEPA BlogCon.

Celebrating its 5th anniversary, NEPA BlogCon will be held Saturday, October 15, 2016 at Penn State Worthington Scranton.

Winners of NEPA BlogCon 2016 Blog of the Year Awards are:

Best Sports Blog

Pens Fans 4Ever


Best Tech Blog

NEPA Geeks


Best Life Blog

Maloney of NEPA


Best Food or Beverage Blog

It is a Keeper


Best Hobby, Activity or Special Interest Blog

Mysterious Writings


Best Travel Blog

Uncovering PA


Best Fitness or Health & Wellness Blog

Physical Therapy Associates of NEPA


Best Beauty or Fashion Blog

Keep Calm & Chiffon


Best News or Political Blog

Andy Palumbo


Best Music, Arts or Entertainment Blog

NEPA Scene


Best Business Blog

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


Best Video / Vlog

My Beer Buzz


Best Podcast

The NEPA Wingmen Podcast


NEPA BlogCon is designed to bring together bloggers of all experience levels, as well as those interested in marketing, social media, creativity, leadership, technology, and branding. Professional communicators, small business owners, non-profit organizations and students alike are welcome to attend – and do!

Tickets are available for $15 at NEPABlogCon.com and include admission to the day long conference and expo, SWAG, and lunch refreshments.


Thanks to the support of sponsors and partners like TecBridge, Penn State Worthington Scranton, WNEP-16, Net Driven, and others, NEPA BlogCon is able to offer its event at a low cost to the community.

Mandy Pennington, Co-Founder, NEPA BlogCon



Boyertown Pickfest Returns October 14th-16th!

pickfest3BOYERTOWN, PA—Boyertown’s Pickfest: Celebrating Americana October 14th, 15th, and 16th


Boyertown’s Pickfest, presented by Green Mountain Energy and hosted by Durango’s Saloon, The Other Farm Brewing, and Frecon Farms, aims to celebrate the finest attributes of the Boyertown Area and Berks County!  Come out and experience agriculture, music, food, arts and history that are alive and well here in Boyertown today.


Pickfest was started 10 years ago as a tiny little get together in Frecon’s Orchard with the Manatawny Creek Ramblers, as a way to launch the Pick Your Own operation – a now well-attended fall festivity for the area!  “As the festival grew in size, so did the need to expand it, and what a better way to expand it than to bring it into the heart of our town and include all of our comrades who celebrate this time of the year with their own artisanal contributions!” notes Hank Frecon of Frecon Farms.


The historic – and iconic to Pickfest – Ford flatbed truck will anchor the main stage for another year featuring area musicians like Stephanie Grace, The Hoppin Boxcar’s, Lady Bird, and hosted by Pickfest alums, the Manatawny Creek Ramblers.  The stage will be in full swing starting at 12pm on Saturday, October 15th and will be located on the block of 120-128 E Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown, which is between The Other Farm Brewing and Durango’s Saloon.  Bring your own chair and let the Pickfest folk fill your cup with a brew from the tap truck featuring over 14 beers from local breweries – plus a few rarities from the Other Farm and Frecon’s Cidery!


Don’t miss out on a host of other activities happening in and around Boyertown the entire weekend (October 14th-16th) including historic train rides on the Colebrookdale Railroad, story-time with Johnny Appleseed at the Boyertown Community Library, glass-blowing lessons at Taylor Backes, and more! Visit boyertownpickfest.com for the schedule and more information.


And, of course, don’t forget about the place where it all started – the Frecon’s Orchard!  Pick-Your-Own season is in full swing and will be open during Pickfest weekend for you to stock your basket with perfectly-ripened apples and loads of pumpkins!  The orchard stage will be rockin’ from 12-3pm with Killen Clark on Saturday and Cliff Hillis on Sunday.


Admission is complimentary to this year’s Pickfest* – and all food and beverages will be pay-as-you-go!

*Admission to the official Pickfest stage area is complimentary – some area activities require reservations and/or additional fees. Please check boyertownpickfest.com for more information.


Nighttime musical entertainment and activities will take place at The Other Farm Brewing Company and Durango’s Saloon immediately following the music line-up on Saturday.  Attendees are encouraged to spend the night and lodge with the Twin Turrets, Bear Creek Resort, and other B&Bs local to the area.

More information is available at boyertownpickfest.com.



Rolling Barrel Events is a full service event planning and management firm that helps individuals and organizations create memorable experiences that focus on local beer, wine, and food. For more information, visit www.rollingbarrel.com.


Durango’s Saloon sits at 120 East Philadelphia Avenue in Boyertown between The Other Farm Brewing and the Colebrookdale Railroad, Durango’s Saloon resides in a historic Inn built in 1846. Family owned and operated, Durango’s Saloon and Restaurant is renowned for great food and incomparable beer selection. With a full bar and 17 rotating drafts Durango’s is a great place to enjoy your favorite libations while taking in a game on one of their HDTV’s. Durango’s is a nonsmoking building with a separate dining room that is family friendly with a full kid’s menu.  To stay up to date, visit facebook.com/DURANGOSBOYERTOWN/.


Frecon Farms is a family owned and operated farm located in Boyertown, PA.  For the past 65+ years, the Frecon family farm has been a labor of love, focused on providing Boyertown and the surrounding areas with fresh fruit, produce, and local food items to enjoy with the ones they love.  For more information, visit freconfarms.com.


Other Farm Brewing Company is a nano-brewery located in Boyertown, PA. Housed in the once historic Boyertown Brewery, we’re brewing classic beers with hops grown locally. We’ve also sourced our favorite ciders, wines & meads from artisans right here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. What was once a sleepy little cafe has grown, little by little, into a community centerpiece, focused on what we think are the things that connect us all. Community. Drink. Music. Food.  For more information, visit theotherfarm.com.

Media Contact:
Jenna Greb
Manager, Events & Communications

A Tribute to Barney, by Andrea Hartley

Barney 3

Barney, age 19

My dog Barney lived to age 20, after being diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease at the age of 14, and given 6 months to live.  The doctors were amazed.  When I had brought him in to see the vet, his stomach was very swollen.  When I returned with him a few months later, the doctor said his stomach had returned to normal.  What had I done?  I had stopped feeding him dog food and started feeding him the way I fed my family, with good wholesome food.  I do not buy any processed foods.  I do not buy any foods with artificial colors, flavors, preservatives  or MSG products in it.  I serve only natural, organic when possible, cooked from scratch food, and now, this was what Barney was eating too.  He had  turkey, beef, organic chicken, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, brown rice, green beans, peas, apples, and yogurt (plain with no additives).  I also gave him vitamins, herbs, and some homeopathic remedies.

Barney, age 19

Barney, age 19

I had other pets who lived to ripe old ages too.  Tabby, 18; Jessie, 19; Tiger,20 (all cats) and Duke, a shepherd, Doberman mix, 16.  If you would like recipes that I  feed my dogs, and to learn of other things that I have done which I believe have helped my pets to “live long and prosper,”  I will email you a full report for $10.00.


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