Area Entrepreneur Finds Way to “Dovetail” Two Divergent Businesses, by Ashley A. Henry Shook

Say it with doves logoSay It With Doves and Barbosa Family Enterprises Keeps Businesswoman Busy Year Round

How does she do it? It’s a question we’ve posed to those stellar women in our personal and professional lives who seem to be able to do it all. The question is all the more fitting for Heather Barbosa, owner of two Lehigh Valley businesses – Barbosa Family Enterprises and Say It With Doves.

Both ventures couldn’t be more different – Say It with Doves is a Doves-release business used for weddings, fundraisers, funerals and other events while Barbosa Family Enterprises is a transportation and delivery business. Barbosa has developed a way to allow the businesses to support one another.

Monday through Friday Barbosa can be seen in and around the Lehigh Valley delivering and picking up parcels as her company provides service to FedEx Ground. However, on weekends, Heather and her husband Manny are making a different kind of delivery as they release 10-50 doves at events throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and parts of New Jersey.

“It’s been a great marriage of resources. My role as a FedEx Ground independent contractor gives me the flexibility to pursue other entrepreneurial ventures, which has allowed Manny and I to successfully manage two difficult businesses and still give us time to do the things we love,” said Barbosa.

As the owner of  an independent contractor business making deliveries for FedEx Ground, Heather experiences her peak season during the holidays, specifically throughout November, December and January. Requests for dove-releases generally crest May through September.

“It couldn’t have worked out more perfectly. When one business ramps up, the other peaks and vice versa,” added Barbosa.

With nearly a decade of experience in the Doves-release business and three years with the delivery business, Barbosa credits her success to having a great partner in her husband Manny.

“We’ve both afforded one another the ability to take risks and go out on limbs that have yielded results. I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else – my days are always different and I’m lucky enough to participate in peoples’ significant events in a meaningful way,” said Barbosa.

For information regarding dove releases in the Lehigh Valley area, visit FAQs regarding dove releases, including safety procedures and training, can also be found on the website. Say It With Doves takes every precaution to ensure doves’ safety. For instance, birds may only be released from sun-up to one hour prior to dark; birds are never shipped for self-release; birds are not released in inclement weather, including dense fog, torrential rain, snow, ice, or any other severe conditions, nor are they released beneath power lines or dense tree cover.