Dog Plans Takeover

by Andrea Hartley



Dogs are capable of thinking and planning and no one will ever convince me differently.  I witnessed my dog Duke, a Shepherd-Doberman mix actually plot a takeover.  Well, ok, it wasn’t a business takeover, but it was a chew toy takeover.

At the time, he was about 6 years old and my other dog,  Minute,  a Chihuahua mix was about 9 months old.  Minute was happily playing with a chew toy in my upstairs bedroom.  Duke had already devoured his.  I saw him eyeing Minute and his chew toy and suddenly, it was like a light bulb flashed in his eyes.  His head bolted up and I swear, he was smiling.   He ran downstairs and jumped up on the couch by a window and started barking.  Naturally, Minute dropped his chew toy and ran downstairs to see what all the commotion was about.  No sooner than Minute reached the bottom step, Duke promptly jumped from the coach and bolted upstairs, where he victoriously snatched up the abandoned

Minute says "Don't mess with my chew toy!"

Minute says “Don’t mess with my chew toy!”

chew toy lying on the floor.

Minute paused, then ran upstairs only to discover his toy was now in the large jaws of his brother!  I think that Duke was really proud of himself; and to this day, even though our beloved Duke has passed at the age of 16, Minute will still growl if anyone comes near him with his chew toy!

Duke and Minute relaxing after a hard day's play, but Minute's not really trusting Duke anymore!

Duke and Minute relaxing after a hard day’s play, but Minute’s not really trusting Duke anymore!



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